Ohio University

Catvision FAQ

How do I access cable TV in my room or apartment?

All student rooms and apartments are equipped with an active CATVision outlet. The service is included as part of the housing fee and there is no additional cost. Using a standard coaxial cable (also called an RF cable), connect your television to the wall outlet. You must have a digital TV that comes equipped with a QAM tuner. You may have to manually switch your television from "antenna" or "broadcast" to "CATV" or "Cable" before preforming a scan for channels. This can be done using your television's menu, the menu usually can be reached using the buttons on your TV or by using your remote control. Please note that some universal remotes may not be able perform this function.

If you continue to have difficulties connecting your cable, please refer to our Trouble Shooting page for further instructions and to access our online work request form.

I have reception problems. Who should I contact?

Visit our Trouble Shooting page

How do I get a message on the Ch. 19 Bulletin Board?

Visit our TV Bulletin Board page

Where can I find educational resources on CATVision?

CATVision’s Channel Line-up features 6 channels dedicated to news and current events reporting in addition to several foreign language and special interest channels.

  • CATVision channels dedicated to news and current events:
    Fox News, Ohio News Network , CNN Headline News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC
  • CATVision channels foreign language channels:
    AZN, CCTV-4, Deutsche Welle, TV5, ART America, Univision, TVE