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Bulletin Board Policies

CATVision's Bulletin Board on Channel 19 is available, free of charge, only to Ohio University academic or administrative departments and registered Ohio University student organizations.

<empty> Any message of general interest to the Ohio University community may be posted on the Bulletin Board.

<empty> Due to space limitations, CATVision may not be able to run all requested messages, and may have to restrict the runs of some other messages. Messages will be prioritized based on:

  • Size of target audience -- Messages aimed at a wide student audience will receive priority over those with more limited appeal
    (to members of a single organization for instance).
  • Time of receipt -- Message requests will generally be honored in the order they were received. Requests must be received at least 2 days prior to the date you wish the message to begin running. However, requests received well in advance of the event will receive priority.

<empty> Messages relating to specific events will generally be run for a week prior to the event, subject to the availability of space, and through the event if it occurs over multiple days.

<empty> General messages promoting ongoing services or activities will be rotated with other such messages, depending on the number of such requests and the pressure from more time-sensitive messages.

<empty> CATVision will not accept advertisements for the sale of products or services. However, announcements of University cultural and sports events with an admission fee are acceptable.

<empty> CATVision will not promote nor advertise the availability of alcohol at any event, in compliance with Ohio University policy.

<empty> CATVision reserves the right to edit or reformat messages for clarity or to fit the available space.

<empty> All message requests must include a contact name and phone number.



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