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Time Warner Cable believes they have corrected the root cause of the below described issue this afternoon (11/19/15). You may need to complete an auto-program / channel scan cycle to return all channels to their normal positions. If you are still experiencing problems, please submit a Trouble Ticket following the normal procedure.

Posted 11/19/12 @ 6:20 PM

Beginning on Thursday, November 12th, 2015, we began receiving reports of customers no longer receiving some of CATVision's digital channels at their expected channel positions.

After review and analysis by Ohio University and Time Warner Cable personnel, it was determined that this issue was being caused by a piece of equipment that Time Warner Cable had recently installed in their local distribution hub around the same time these issues began.

In order to resolve this issue, Time Warner Cable will be applying new firmware to the piece of equipment that is responsible for this problem (an EdgeQAM encoder) between Noon and 4 PM tomorrow.

This work may cause a complete outage of all Time Warner Cable provided channels during this time frame for 1 to 2 minutes.

Once this work is completed, customers that were affected by this issue will have to complete a new channel scan / auto-program cycle to return all of the digital channels to their appropriate channel positions.

Posted 11/18/12 @ 5:30 PM


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