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The efficient utilization of resources to provide the best possible cable television services at the least possible cost to students.

› Encouragement, assistance and promotion of academic uses for the cable television system and the involvement of faculty in the selection of programming and the development of network policies.

› Cooperation with other administrative units in developing appropriate uses of cable television to meet their needs.

› Operation of a campus-wide electronic information system for community messages and an emergency notification system in cooperation with the Campus Incident Response Team.

Provision of opportunities for student residents to explore the potential of TV production as a creative information tool and art form.

› Provision of the most comprehensive and diverse lineup of programming possible with the resources available. Particular attention will be paid to supplementing conventional TV programming with foreign language/cultural programming, creative and experimental programming by students and others.

› Provision of efficient and responsive customer services including:

  • a convenient customer call-in service and online work request form for trouble calls and programming comments.
  • an annually updated channel guide and technical information brochure distributed to all viewers.
  • next business day response to all individual trouble calls by competent and courteous technicians.
  • immediate response, 24-hours a day, to system outages involving three or more outlets in a single building.
  • a regularly updated CATVision web site with current programming information, technical information, personal contacts and links to other related sites.
  • regular viewer surveys to determine the programming preferences, viewing patterns and perceived impact of the system on the community.


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