Ohio University Catering
Additional charges may apply depending on the venue you wish to reserve.  To secure a reservation for a meeting or other event, please utilize our contact list.
Major Events in Baker University Center
For assistance in planning an event that will involve more that one space, more than one day, sophisticated production, will attract a large crowd or will otherwise be out of the ordinary, contact Reservations Coordinator Jennifer Coen, Baker 347, (740) 593-4021. Ms. Coen will be happy to arrange a time to meet with you to plan all aspects of your event.

Outdoor Events
Many outdoor spaces throughout campus provide beautiful backdrops for any event.  Such places would include Emeriti Park, College Green, The Ridges, and Tail-Great Park.

We recommend securing an alternate location in case of inclement weather.  At times, southeastern Ohio weather is unpredictable.  Some rain location sites may include: Shively Dining hall, Nelson Dining Hall and Baker University Center's Ballroom.  Speak with your catering professional for a recommendation. 

Ohio University Catering Services can assist you with tent, table, and chair rentals, linen service, place settings, coordinating trash removal personnel, and the many other key details required for a successful outdoor event.

Outdoor space is available for use in accordance with University Policy #24.016 "Use of Outdoor Space on the Athens Campus."
Spaces Available
  • Alumni Gateway Table Space
  • Alumni Gateway Banner Space
  • Aquatic Center Picnic Grove
  • Emeriti Park
  • Emeriti Park Overlook
  • Howard Park Program Space
  • Howard Park Table Space
  • Lindley Park
  • McCracken Basketball Courts
  • McCracken Field
  • Morton Field
  • Ridges Auditorium Lawn
  • South Green Amphitheater
  • South Green Basketball Courts
  • South Green Volleyball Courts
  • Stocker Picnic Grove
  • Tailgreat Park
  • Walter Hall Lawn
  • West Portico of Memorial Auditorium
  • Wilhelm Amphitheatre
  • Wolfe Garden
Reserving a Space
The administration of the policy on use of outdoor spaces is the responsibility of Baker University Center Administration. To make a reservation for a space, contact Reservations, Baker University Center, Baker 347, (740) 593-4021.
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