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Charles Bird, Interim Vice President, Regional Higher Education
Stephen M. Flaherty, Associate Vice President, Regional Higher Education
Delbert Meyer, Dean, Chillicothe Campus
James Newton, Dean, Eastern Campus
John Furlow, Dean, Lancaster Campus
Bill W. Dingus, Dean, Southern Campus
James Fonseca, Dean, Zanesville Campus

In addition to the Athens campus, Ohio University has five campuses located in Chillicothe, Ironton, Lancaster, St. Clairsville, and Zanesville. The primary objective of the regional campuses is to offer a broad program at the freshman and sophomore levels as well as selected upper-division and graduate courses. Each location has a full two-year curriculum in the arts and sciences, business administration, and education, with selected courses in such specialized fields as engineering and fine arts. You are eligible to earn the Associate in Arts or the Associate in Science degree after completing an approved two-year program of study. Available at some locations are specialized two-year programs leading to the Associate in Applied Business or Associate in Applied Science, designed as preparations for specific career opportunities in the immediate geographical area. In selected areas, you may pursue upper-level and graduate courses and can complete baccalaureate degrees in general business, elementary education, criminal justice, specialized studies, and nursing. Regional campuses offer, on a rotating basis, selected graduate degree programs in their service areas. Regional campus programs are listed in the University College section of this catalog.

Regional campuses have an open admissions policy for high school graduates. Ohio high school graduates who can commute from home to one of the regional campuses will be admitted as regular full-time or special part-time students. This decision is based on the high school transcript, Scholastic Aptitude Test, or American College Test (preferred). The regional campuses have no residence halls.


Ohio University-Chillicothe, founded in 1946 as the first regional campus in Ohio, is located on a 100-acre campus on the western edge of Chillicothe, 45 miles south of Columbus in rural south central Ohio. The Chillicothe campus offers two-year technology programs in business management, hazardous materials, human services, law enforcement, nursing, office technology, and security/safety, as well as the Associate in Arts, Science, Individualized Studies, and baccalaureate degrees mentioned above.


Ohio University-Eastern, established in 1957, is located in rural Belmont County. The campus has taken a leadership role in providing increased access to education with the development of audio, video, and Web site courses. A new 50,000-square-foot multipurpose health and physical education building, the Ney Center, was dedicated in October 1997. The Ney Center provides many additional services to faculty, staff, students, and the community. Two-year programs are offered in preprofessional science and math areas including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, veterinary science, environmental science, and engineering specialties. Ohio University-Eastern also offers Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and selected baccalaureate and master's degree programs.


Established in 1956, Ohio University–Lancaster is situated on 113 acres on the northern edge of Lancaster. It serves students throughout central southeastern Ohio by providing the academic foundations of a university education as well as career-oriented professional and technical programs and a variety of cultural opportunities. Ohio University-Lancaster offers two-year technology programs in accounting, business management, child development, computer science, electronics, law enforcement (in cooperation with the Chillicothe campus), medical assisting, and office technology, as well as Associate in Arts, Science, and Individualized Studies. Baccalaureate degrees are available in general business, elementary education, criminal justice, specialized studies, nursing, and interpersonal communication in human services.


Ohio University-Southern was established in 1956 and is located in Ironton, at the center of the metropolitan area that forms the tristate region of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Enrollment has more than doubled in the last decade, leading to construction of three new facilities that include classrooms, an auditorium, a library, computer laboratories, a student services center, science laboratories, and offices. Ohio University-Southern offers two-year programs in equine studies, electronic media, travel and tourism, and (in cooperation with the Chillicothe campus) programs in business management, law enforcement, and office technology. Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and baccalaureate degrees mentioned above are also offered.


Founded in 1939, initially as an adult education center, Ohio University- Zanesville was established as a regional campus in 1946. It shares a 179-acre campus with Muskingum Area Technical College. Ohio University-Zanesville offers the first two years of more than 100 academic majors as well as bachelor's degrees in education, general business, specialized studies, nursing, and criminal justice; and associate's degrees in science, arts, nursing, electronic media, and individualized studies. The campus offers a wide variety of graduate and noncredit programs as well. The nationally accredited Zanesville nursing program has prepared registered nurses for more than 30 years.

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