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If any discrepancies exist between official Ohio University printed materials and electronic information, the information in the printed material shall have precedence, unless the electronic information explicitly states that it, rather than the printed version, is the official source.

The Undergraduate Catalog consists of many parts, all of which will be published electronically. We are not waiting for the project to be completed before making this information available, but instead are releasing each part as it is completed. The Table of Contents includes links to all the parts. At this time, only those items marked with an asterisk ("*") have significant content.

Please be aware that some portions have out of date information. An up-to-date printed copy is available from the Office of Admissions. o request a copy, send an e-mail message including your name, address, and admit status (first-year student, transfer student, international student) to uadmiss1@ohiou.edu. Work is continuing on identifying and implementing resources to complete the project, but we have not yet been successful. If you have problems locating information, please send an e-mail with your questions. Thank you for your patience.

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