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2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog for Ohio University

Majors, Minors, and Certificate Programs

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This section outlines the specific requirements for every program in the College of Arts and Sciences that begin with the letters S through Z.

Social Work

Social Work Major (B.A.)
Major code BA6601

The Department of Social Work offers a flexible interdisciplinary curriculum designed to prepare you for beginning generalist social work practice. Upon completing the program, you will receive a B.A. with a major in social work. The Department of Social Work is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Graduates are qualified for full membership in the National Association of Social Workers and eligible for licensing as a social worker in Ohio.

Program Requirements

General requirements for a major in social work consist of a minimum of 59 hours of social work courses, plus at least 45 quarter hours of liberal arts foundation courses. Departmental required courses are:

SW 101              Intro to Social Welfare 
                    and Social Work                    3

SW 290              Social Welfare as an Inst.         4

SW 350              Res. Meth. in Social Work          4

SW 383              Intro to Social Work 
                    Practice Methods                   4

SW 390              Social Policy                      4

SW 393, 394         Dyn. of Human Behavior             8

SW 396,397,398      Social Work Practice I, II, III   12

SW 491A,491B,491C   Integrative Seminar                6

SW 492A,492B,492C   Field Practicum                   11

The following liberal arts foundation courses also are required:

BIOS 103            Human Biology                      5

PSY 221             Statistics                         5

PSY 273             Child and Adoles. Psych.           4   

PSY 332             Abnormal Psychology                4

PSY 374             Psych. of Adulthood and Aging      
or SW 486           Aging in America                   4
or HLTH 290         Health Aspects of Aging(*)         4

*will not count towards 90 hrs of A&S 200 level or above requirement.
In addition to these foundation courses, 27 hours are taken in the social sciences, including at least one course in each of the following areas: anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology. The choice of courses in these disciplines is left to you with the approval of your advisor and the permission of the instructor. You may use social work elective courses to substitute for up to a maximum of four hours of this social sciences requirement.

Admission to the Professional Major

Admission to the program is divided into two stages: preprofessional and professional. Freshmen are admitted as preprofessional majors (major code ND6603) to work on freshman- and sophomore-level requirements. To be admitted to the professional program, you are required (regardless of whether you are an Ohio University student or a transfer student) to submit an application and admissions essay to the department's screening committee. Applications are accepted during the second full week of each quarter; forms and guidelines are available from the department.) To be considered, you must have completed a minimum of 48 quarter hours (12 quarter hours at OU for transfer students), with a minimum overall g.p.a. of 2.5. In addition, you must have completed (1) both SW 101 and SW 290 with a minimum grade of C in each course; (2) BIOS 103, PSY 221, PSY 273, as well as one course in any two of these areas: anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology; (3) Tier I composition (ENG 151, 152) and quantitative skills (MATH 113 recommended) requirements; (4) at least one quarter of the foreign language requirement other than high school; (5) a paid or volunteer social work experience. Meeting minimal requirements does not ensure admission to the major. To maintain compliance with the Council on Social Work Education student/faculty ratio standards, no more than 40 students are admitted annually.

To enroll in the senior-level practice sequence (SW 396, 397, 398; SW 491A-C; SW 492A-C), you must have been admitted to the major. In addition, you are expected to have (1) maintained an overall g.p.a. of 2.5; (2) completed one year of the foreign language requirement; and (3)completed all prerequisites for the sequence.

Social Services Minor
Minor code OR6602

Minor requirements consist of a minimum of 29 hours including SW 101, 190, 290, 390, and at least four other social work courses at the 300 level or above. The minor does not make you eligible for licensure in states regulating the practice of social work.


Sociology Major (B.A.)
Major code BA4251

The major requirements for the B.A. in sociology are a minimum of 45 quarter hours of courses in sociology, of which at least 16 hours must be at the 400 level, and including:
SOC 101             Intro to Sociology                 5
SOC 351             Elem. Research Tech.               4

SOC 403             Dev. of Sociol. Thought            4
or SOC 404          Mod. Sociol. Theory   

PSY 221             Statistics                         5
or MATH 250, MATH 251,
COMS 301, QBA 201, ISE 304,
ISE 305   

Students must complete courses in each of the four areas listed 
below as part of the forty-five hours in the major. 

Social Inequality. At least one of the following

SOC 230             Sociology of Poverty               4

SOC 329             Race and Ethnic Relations 
                    in the U.S.                        4

SOC 331             Classes and Social Inequality      4

SOC 429             Soc of Race, Ethnicity and Class   4

SOC 435             Soc of the Welfare State           4

SOC 470             Sociology of Gender                4

Societal Institutions. At least one of the following

SOC 220             Introduction of the Family         4

SOC 233             Sociology of Sport                 4

SOC 424             Urban Sociology                    4

SOC 430             Sociology of Organization          4

SOC 432             Political Sociology                4

SOC 433             Sociology of Occupations           4

SOC 464             Law and Social Control             4

SOC 465             Social Change                      4

Social Psychology. At least one of the following 

SOC 210             Social Psychology                  4

SOC 211             Collective Behavior                4

SOC 315             Social Identities                  4

SOC 412             Public Opinion                     4

SOC 416             Society and the Individual         4

SOC 419             Group Processes                    4

Integrative Topics. At least one of the following 

SOC 261             Deviant Behavior                   4

SOC 340             Population and Society             4

SOC 365             Sociology of Mental Illness        4

SOC 414             Social Movements                   4

SOC 421             Comparative Studies of 
                    the Family                         4

SOC 422             The American Family System         4

SOC 467             Violence to Women                  4

SOC 471             Gender and Justice                 4
(Courses in anthropology count toward the Arts and Sciences social sciences requirement.)

Sociology Minor
Minor code OR4251

The requirement for the minor is a minimum of 28 hours of coursework in sociology, of which at least 16 hours must be at the 300 or 400 level; SOC 101; 351, and 403 or 404.

Sociology-Criminology Major (B.A.)
Special curriculum; major code BA4253

The criminology program is designed for students who plan to pursue a career in some aspect of the criminal justice system (e.g., corrections, probation, parole, or law enforcement) yet wish to receive a liberal arts education. Possibilities after graduation include employment in criminal justice or further study in law, criminology, or criminal justice. You will receive a degree in sociology with the specialization in criminology noted. You are encouraged to enter the program as a freshman to help ensure completion in four years.

Required courses (29 credit hours)

SOC 101             Intro to Sociology                 5

PSY 221             Statistics                         5
or Math 250, Math 251,
COMS 301, QBA 201, ISE 304,
ISE 305

SOC 260             Criminal Justice                   4

SOC 351             Elem. Research Techniques          4

SOC 362             Criminology                        4

SOC 366             Soc. of Correction                 4

SOC 403(*)          Devel. of Soc. Thought             4
or SOC 404          Modern Soc. Theory   

Criminology options: Take four courses for 16-22 credit hours

SOC 261             Deviant Behavior                   4

SOC 363             Juvenile Delinquency               4

SOC 364             Police and Society                 4

SOC 365             Soc. of Mental Illness             4

SOC 367             Corporate and Governmental
                    Crime                              4

SOC 464             Law & Social Control               4

SOC 467             Violence Against Women             4

SOC 471             Gender & Justice                   4

SOC 495             Internship in Criminology       5-10

Collateral sociology courses: Take three courses for 12 credit hours 

SOC 201             Social Problems                    4

SOC 211             Collective Behavior                4

SOC 230             Soc. of Poverty                    4

SOC 329             Race and Ethnic Relations in 
                    the U.S.                           4

SOC 331             Class & Social Inequality          4

SOC 450             Data Analysis                      4

Total credit hours: 58-68

The following courses are highly recommended, and you are encouraged 
to take some of them to satisfy the College of Arts and Sciences 18-hour 
social sciences requirement. Check the Courses of Instruction section 
for prerequisites. 

PSY 332             Abnormal Psychology   

PSY 337             Social Psychology of Justice

POLS 404 Civil Liberties POLS 409 Criminal Procedure
* Preferred

Special curriculum; major code BA4254

If you are in the College of Arts and Sciences and plan to enter law school, you will complete the specific requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. No special curriculum is prescribed. As a prelaw major, you may complete a major of your principal interest. The Departments of Economics, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology have designated prelaw advisors. For further information, see "Law" in this section.


See Modern Languages.


Major code BA5131

This curriculum is intended to serve students who want both a theater major and a broad liberal arts foundation for their university education. It includes a study of theater in the context of human concerns and activities by establishing a solid foundation of course-work in the humanities, sciences, cultures, and languages. It recognizes that many students in the major possess varied talents and interests. You will benefit from the rigorous artistic demands made by courses designed for B.F.A. students in the School of Theater, while also meeting the challenges of a liberal arts education. Although you are encouraged to select courses that provide an emphasis for your work, you are not permitted to major in any one area of theater or to concentrate exclusively on any one area of interest.

The B.A. program also provides an opportunity to major in more than one discipline. Second majors such as English, history, creative writing, journalism, music, criminal justice administration, prelaw and sociology have been successful choices.

One of the goals of the B.A. in theater is the preparation of the most gifted students for successful admission to graduate schools or other advanced training in theater or related areas. However, even if you do not wish to extend your training beyond the baccalaureate level, the B.A. in theater addresses both the quality and the diversity of your training.

In addition to general education and arts and sciences area requirements, the theater major includes:

THAR 101            Intro and Orientation to the 
                    Theater as a Profession            1

THAR 111            Acting Improvisation               2
or THAR 113         Acting Fundamentals I(*)           4

THAR 130            Design Prin. for the Stage         3

THAR 131            Practical Elements 
                    of Stagecraft                      3

THAR 171            Play Analysis                      3
THAR 172            Elements of Performance            3

THAR 150            Playwiting                         4
or THAR 420         Directing	

5 quarters of practicum (10 hours) distributed over more than one area (you will work with your 
advisor to ensure correct distribution)

12 quarter hours from the following:

THAR 270            Theater History I                  4

THAR 271            Theater History II                 4

THAR 272            Theater History III                4

THAR 470            Tragedy                            4

THAR 471            Comedy                             4

THAR 472            Forms of Drama                     4

THAR 473            Seminar in Theater 
                    History and Drama                  4
THAR 477            Amer. Theater and Drama            4

THAR 479            Independent Studies in 
                    Theater Hist. and Crit.          1-6
*THAR 113 is preferred. No credit for 113 if you have credit for 110.

The balance of the degree program will consist of 30 credit hours at the 200 level or above in the School of Theater. No more than 24 credit hours may count toward the degree in one (narrow) area of interest, e.g., acting, lighting, publicity, playwriting, etc. No more than 8 hours of practicum (beyond the core requirement) may count toward the degree.

You must submit a plan for the distribution of the 30 credits for consultation and approval by your advisor as a condition of your final acceptance into the major program. While sufficient flexibility for change of direction and focus must be provided throughout your residence, there must be and agreed-upon understanding of the purpose of the program of study and the plan for accomplishing that purpose.

The total requirement for a B.A. in theater is 70 credit hours. Note: No more than 72 credits in THAR courses are allowed to count towards the 192 credits needed for the B.A.


See English, History, or Philosophy-Pretheology.

Major Code ND 0410

If you have not settled on a major but wish to be enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences to benefit early on from this advising perspective, you may apply to Ohio University as an undeclared or "undecided" major in Arts and Sciences. While on average, most students choose a major within the first four quarters of exploration, you are allowed to earn up to 90 credit hours before you must select a degree program. (*)

*Students with 45 or more credits transferring from other colleges within Ohio University may not select the undecided major. Transfer students from other universities are not eligible to enroll as undeclared in Arts and Sciences.


See Biological Sciences--Microbiology.

Women's Studies Certificate Program

This program is available to complement any baccalaureate degree program offered by the University. The requirements for the certificate are 30 hours total including:

16 quarter hours:

WS 100              Intro to Women's Studies           4

WS 200              Issues in Feminism                 4

WS 250              History of Feminist Thought        4

WS 400              New Scholarship on Women           4

14 quarter hours from the following (*):

AAS 345             The Black Woman                    4

AAS 482             The Black Family                   4

ANTH 345            Gender in Cross-Cultural 
                    Perspective                        4

ANTH 349            Life History:  The Individual      4
                    and Culture

ANTH 363            Gender in Prehistory               4

CLAS 343            Women in the Ancient
                    Mediterranean                      4

EDCI 492M(**)       Philosophy of Gender in Edu.       4                                 

ENG 153A            Writing and Reading:  Gender       5

ENG 270E(**)        19th Century British Literature    4

ENG 271D(**)        Comparative Genres                 4

ENG 306J            Women and Writing                  4

ENG 325             Women and Literature               4

ENG 326             Lesbian and Gay Literature         4

ENG 445(**)         The Female Gothic Tradition        4

ENG 447             Studies in Criticism:              4
                    Contemporary Feminist Theory
                    Senior Seminar

Eng 460(**)         Special Topics:  Popular and Elite:
                    Culture, Race, Class, and Gender
                    in the American Renaissance        4

ENG 464(**)         Major English Authors:             4
                    Woolf and Winterson

ENG 464(**)         Major English Authors              4

Eng 466(**)         Major Int'l. Authors:
                    Contemporary Narratives
                    of Exile                           4

HCCF 360            Human Sexuality                    4

HCCF 462A           Diversity in Families              3
HIST 320A           Women in American 
                    History Before 1877                4

HIST 320B           Women in American
                    History Since 1877                 4

HIST 320C           Women's Health and Medicine
                    in U.S. History                    4

HIST 332            Women in the Middle East           4

HIST 354A           History of Early Christianity      4

HIST 360A           Women in Early Modern Europe       4

HIST 360B           Women in Modern Europe             4

HIST 360C           Women Warriors                     4

HIST 369P           Women in Medieval Europe           4

HIST 371            Witchcraft 1400-1750               4

HIST 381            History of the Family              4

HIST 453D           Studies in Medieval History:
                    Women in Medieval Society

HLTH 210            Health of Women                    4

ILML 335(**)        Italian Literature in English:     
                    Women of the Italian Middle Ages   4 

ILML 336(**)        Gay and Lesbian Writers in Latin 
                    America                            4 

ISML 339A           Nineteenth-Century Russian         4
                    Literature in English                                

ILML 339B           Twenieth-Century Russian     
                    Literature in English              4                                                           

COMS 420            Gender and Comm.                   4

COMS 422            Comm. in the Family                4

LING 390            Lang. of Women and Men             3

MGT 462             Women in Management                4

PESS 400            Women in Sports                    3

PHIL 491(**)        Feminist Philosophy                4

FILM< 471(**)       Film Top9ics Seminar:              4
                    Masculinity and Film    

POLS 319            Gay and Lesbian Politics           4

POLS 420            Women, Law, and Politics           4

POLS 421            Politics of Law and Sexuality      4

POLS 478            Feminist Political Theories 
                    and Movements                      5

POLS 490(**)        Studies in Political Science:      4
                    Gender and Political Development
                    in Africa                         

POLS 490H(**)       Women in Politics                  4

POLS 490T(**)       Feminist Legal Theory              4

POLS 490U(**)       Deconstructing Barbie              4          

PSY 378             Psychology of Gender               4

SOC 220             Introduction to the Family         4

SOC 407             Feminist Social Theory             4

SOC 421             Comp. Studies of Family            4

SOC 422             The American Family System         4

SOC 467             Violence Against Women             4

SOC 470             Sociology of Gender                4

SOC 471             Gender and Justice                 4

SPAN 435(**)        Pro-Seminar: An interdisciplinary
                    Look at the Role of Women in
                    Latin Am. Literature and Politics  4  

TCOM 481            Women and the Media                4

TCOM 486A           Age, Class, Gender, Race,
                    and Sexual Orientation 
                    in the Media                       4

TCOM 486G(**)       Women and Media Workshop           4     

WS 360              Women and Work 
                    Internship                         4

WS 493              Special Topics                     4
* Contact the Women's Studies office for advising, for information on additional courses, and to register for the certificate. The Women's Studies Certificate is awarded upon graduation from Ohio University, and the award is recorded on your transcript. Consult with the Women's Studies advisor before the deadline for graduation to ensure that the certificate will be awarded.

**Credit is awarded for the specific subtitle only in special topics courses. Actual course numbers may vary.

World Religions

See Classics and World Religions.


See Biological Sciences.

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