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Reject Labels


Ryan Vollrath ’14 pursued a Women’s and Gender Studies Certificate.

'My Gender Means Freedom'

“My gender means freedom,” says Ryan Vollrath ’14 in WOUB’s “Perspectives: Ohio University Student Tells Coming Out Story.”

Vollrath, who studied History and Psychology and pursued a Gender and Women’s Studies Certificate:

“The idea of female and male within our society as a social construct is extremely limiting. Females are defined by what it means to be non-male, or females are defined by their relationship to men. And masculinity is often constructed in such a way as to maintain patriarchy and male privilege. So transgression of either role, often does result in being ostracized. So for me rejecting both labels is a way of saying I don’t play by anybody’s rules because in my opinion the rules are constructed by a patriarchy that exists to serve and for men.”

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