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OHIO General Education Requirements

The University General Education requirements (Tiers I, II, and III) are similar to, but lesser in scale than, the Arts & Sciences requirements. A student may select courses that, while fulfilling University General Education requirements, can partially satisfy Arts & Sciences distribution requirements in foreign languages, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and courses at the 2000-level or higher. The lists for humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences indicate specifically, and without exception, the courses that fulfill the three Arts & Sciences areas. Many of these courses also satisfy Tier II requirements.

All courses that fulfill General Education requirements, even if they are not Arts & Sciences courses, apply toward the 120 credit hours needed to graduate from Ohio University.

Some courses designated for Tier I quantitative skills and freshman composition (including any skills courses needed as prerequisites) apply only to hours for graduation and do not apply to Arts & Sciences distribution requirements. Other courses, such as MATH 1350 and PSY 2110 may fulfill multiple requirements. Arts & Sciences courses that fulfill the Tier I advanced composition requirement at the junior level can apply to the humanities distribution area and in certain cases, to the student's major.

Courses designated as Tier III do not fulfill Arts & Sciences requirements, except those designated as Tier III equivalents (T3E), or Tier III courses, when they are taught by Arts & Sciences faculty. In either case, the course contributes to the hours-above-2000-level requirement. Courses designated as "T3E" may count both for Tier III and toward the major.

Transfer students whose credit is equated as comparable to Tier I-level composition or to quantitative courses are considered to have met that Tier I requirement. Transfer students without comparable transfer credit in composition and/or quantitative courses must complete the requirement. In addition, transfer students are responsible for completing Tier II and Tier III requirements.