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Coursework and Academic Benefits

Fall 2015 semester: The Fall Semester course for 2015 is “The Right Thing to Do." This course explores contemporary questions about virtue, community, money, selfhood, and love? In what ways are we rewarded when we do the right thing, and in what ways are those rewards illusions? How do we even necessarily decide what the right thing to do is? To what extent are rewards for virtuous behavior more available to those of advantaged classes? Reading: The Book of Ecclesiastes; Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger; F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby; Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice; Nella Larsen’s Passing—among many others.

Spring semester: During the spring semester, Scholars are offered the opportunity to participate in a one-credit student/faculty colloquium (CAS 2900). Each year the colloquium focuses on a different theme; thus, Scholars can participate in it all four years. The colloquium meets seven times during the spring. At each meeting, which lasts for two hours, a noted authority from the faculty, or an invited guest, presents a lecture for 45 minutes, after which the floor is opened for discussion. Both faculty and Scholars participate in the discussions that follow.

Academic Benefits: Students in the Scholars Program earn credit for core requirements as they pursue their own intellectual development. The fall semester class (CAS 1110) counts for four credit hours of Tier II Humanities credit, allowing students to make progress toward their college and university degree requirements. Additionally, students who successfully complete CAS 1110 are exempted from ENG 1510, the Tier I Composition requirement.

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