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Preparation Through the College of Arts & Sciences

Most medical schools require a year, with laboratories, of biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics. These sequences should be completed before you take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). Many schools also require a year of college English and college math. While not required, courses in anatomy, physiology, genetics, immunology, biochemistry and the humanities are often strongly recommended.

Student clubs that many premeds join are the American Medical Student Association Pre-Med Club (AMSA) and the Pre-SOMA Osteopathic Pre-Med Club. Keep in mind that most medical schools prefer to see evidence of leadership and serious commitment to a few extracurricular activities rather than superficial participation in many. You will need to acquire experience by doing volunteer work in a clinical setting, such as a hospital or nursing home. You can do your volunteer work in your home town during the summer or winter break, as well as in Athens within the school year. The difficult coursework and other activities will place significant demands on your time, but will provide excellent learning experiences.

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