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Sociology & Anthropology Invited Lectures


Nicole Kaufman. Invited Talk. “Beyond Punishment: Dynamic Dimensions of Penal Control through Interventionist, Covert and Negligent Involvement.” Sherry Corbett lecture, Miami University of Ohio. April 2015.

Deborah Thorne, Invited speaker, Ohio Statehouse Ladies’ Gallery, “Medicare and Its Impact on Financial Viability of Households.” 50th anniversary of Medicare press conference and rally. 2015.

Deborah Thorne, Invited Lecturer, Law Seminar (Professor Sara Greene), Duke University (via Skype). 2014

Deborah Thorne, Invited Lecturer, “Student Loan Debt: Can This Bubble Burst?” Rotary Club, Athens OH. 2014.

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2014. “What Kind of Scarcity and for Whom? The Global Dynamics of Food Insecurity and the Environment.” Coping with Scarcity: Energy Shortages, Food Crises, Drought and Critical Materials in the Modern World (c. 1800 to the present). Caltech University. Pasadena, California. (presentation)

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2014. “Resource Extraction, Environmental Justice, and Environmental Stewardship in Appalachia.” A Region Reflects: 50th Anniversary of LBJ’s War on Poverty Speech in Southeast Ohio. Ohio University Scripps College of Communication and Patton College of Education. Athens, Ohio. (presentation and panelist)

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2015. “Understanding the Culture of Poverty.” Volunteer Education and Training Series. Athens Court Appointed Special Advocates/Guardian Ad Litem (CASA/GAL) Program. Athens, Ohio.

Scanlan, Stephen J. and Araba Dawson-Andoh. 2015. “Wealth and Poverty in Appalachia” exhibit at Alden Library, Ohio University, College of Arts and Sciences Wealth and Poverty Theme Appalachia Week Series. Athens, Ohio.

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2015. “Food Insecurity in Appalachia.” Ohio University, College of Arts and Sciences Scholars Program Lecture Series. Athens, Ohio.

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2015. “Eating Away at Austerity: Ireland and the Local Food Movement.” Ohio University, College of Arts and Sciences Food Studies Theme Food for Thought Speaker Series. Athens, Ohio.

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2015. “A Panel Discussion of the Film ‘Food Chains.’” Ohio University, the Common Experience Project on Sustainability Film Series in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences Food Studies Theme and Making and Breaking the Law Theme . Athens, Ohio.

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2015. “Climate Change, Environmental Security, and Conflict.” Ohio University, College of Arts and Sciences War and Peace Theme ROTC Workshop. Athens, Ohio.

Howard T. Welser. “Agents Beyond Control: How distributed social control in computational institutions can break the iron law of oligarchy” Research Seminar in Social Sciences; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2015.

Howard T. Welser. “Agents beyond control? How distributed social control in computational institutions can increase organizational fidelity and reduce corruption.” Social Media Seminar Series; Purdue University. 2014.


Elliott Abrams, Invited speaker: "Architecture of Piedras Negras, a Maya Kingdom in Guatemala,” hosted by Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC.

Gene Ammarell, “Local Responses to Threatened Livelihoods in the Sabalana Islands of South Sulawesi.” Guest lecture: INST 5200 Introduction to Southeast Asian Studies. Ohio University, Athens.

Gene Ammarell, “From Indonesian Reefs to East Asian Dinner Tables: Toward Engaged, Collaborative and Multi-Sited Ethnographies of Destructively Harvested Fish.” Invited keynote paper delivered to the Seminar for Indonesian Studies: Changing Indonesian Society in the Eyes of the Japanese Researchers, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan.

Gene Ammarell, “If There Were Fish & If There Were Boats… Local Reactions and Adaptations to Threatened Livelihoods in the Sabalana Islands of South Sulawesi.” Invited paper presented to the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.

Gene Ammarell, “Local Responses to Destructive Fishing Practices in the Sabalana Islands of South Sulawesi.” Invited paper presented to the Hakusan Anthropological Society, Faculty of Sociology, Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan.

Gene Ammarell, “’Is it Sustainable?’ Indonesian Fishers Adapt to a Severely Degraded Reef.” Seminar: Ecolunch Seminar Series, Department of Biological Sciences, Ohio University.

Haley Duschinski, “Everyday Violence, Institutional Denial, and Struggles for Justice in Kashmir.” Keynote Lecture at Kashmir Event, South Asia Center at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, February 2013.

Haley Duschinski, “Jurisdictions of Justice: Violence, Militarization, and Popular Protest in Kashmir Valley.” Lecture at Dhar India Studies Program at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, January 2013.

Jieli Li, “Major Challenges Confronting China for Sustainable Development in the Twenty-first Century – a Sociological Perspective.” Keynote speech at First Sino-U.S. American Scholars Forum on China and Globalization in the 21st Century. Xi’An International Studies University, Xi’An, China, June 2013.

Jieli Li, “A Paradigm Shift in Sustainable Development Studies ?A Sociological Perspective.” Keynote research presentation as 39th Kohei Miura Visiting Professor at Chubu University, Japan, March 2013.

Stephen Scanlan, Invited panelist: “Being Fair: Why Food Justice Matters.” “Community Food Matters!” Public Education Series. Athens Food Policy Council. Chauncey, OH.

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2013. “Gender, Development, and Sustainability: An Exploration of the Connections between Female Empowerment and the Ecological Footprint of Nations.” Research Cluster on Environment, Development, and Sustainability Seminar Series. The National University of Ireland Galway. Galway City, Ireland.

Deborah Thorne, Invited Lecturer, “Sociological Perspectives on Bankruptcy,” U.S. Solutions to Bankruptcy Problems: Training program on bankruptcy law, Office of the Judiciary of Thailand. Hosted by Illinois College of Law, Chicago IL. 2014.

Deborah Thorne, Invited Panelist and Commentator, “Bankruptcy Stigma: A Socio-Legal Study.” The Center for Law, Economics, and Finance at The George Washington University Center for Law, Junior Faculty Business and Financial Law Workshop. Washington D.C. 2014.

Deborah Thorne, Invited Panelist, “For Profit: The Exploitation of the American Student.” Ohio University, Athens, OH. 2013.

Deborah Thorne, Invited Panelist, “The Future of Your Health Care.” Democracy Over Corporations, Athens, OH. 2013

Deborah Thorne, Guest Lecture, “Causes, Consequences, and Cautionary Tales: Leading Findings on Consumer Bankruptcy.” Parents’ Weekend, Ohio University, Athens, OH. 2012.

Deborah Thorne, Invited Panelist: “For Profit: The Exploitation of the American Student.” Ohio University.

Thomas Vander Ven, Featured Speaker: "Getting Wasted: Towards a Sociology of the College Drinking Scene." CHASCo's Partners in Prevention Conference. Cumberland University, Lebanon, TN. May 2013.

Thomas Vander Ven, Invited Lecture: "Harm Reduction in the College Drinking Scene." Southern Methodist University. Addressed Student Affairs professionals, Residential Life leaders, Health and Wellness professionals, and University Police Officers regarding high-risk drinking and the potential for harm reduction approaches. April 2013.

Thomas Vander Ven, Featured Speaker: "College Drinking, Drunk Support, and Harm Reduction." NASPA, 2013 Mental Health Conference & 2013 NASPA Alcohol, Other Drug Abuse, and Violence Prevention Conference, Fort Worth, TX, January 2013.


2013 ;Wooden Boats of Balobaloang: An Indonesian Maritime Society.” Gene Ammarell, Katherine Bruhn, M.A., International Studies, Abdul Hakim, M.A., International Studies. Southeast Asian Studies Library, Alden Library, Ohio University.