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Recent Anthropology Internships

Anthropology majors participate in the Field School in Ohio Archaeology every other summer, gaining intensive hands-on training in archaeological field excavation and laboratory analysis.

Dozens of students take advantage of a spring break study abroad opportunity with ANTH 4620: Human Rights, Law & Justice in Northern Ireland, learning about post-conflict transition, contested memories, and "dealing with the past" through visits to universities, law institutes, justice centers, and key historic sites.

Local Internships

Leana Hoogenboom, and Jessica Markowitz had internships working "behind the scenes" with the curatorial staff of the Athens Historical Society and Museum to develop professional skills in collection storage and maintenance, cataloging systems, public education, and exhibition design.

Elizabeth Cychosz held an internship at the Athens County Historical Society & Museum in fall 2012. She took over from other Anthropology interns the managing of a collection of roughly 3000 prehistoric Native American artifacts, and she learned from local archaeology professionals how to interpret these artifacts. She also worked on miscellaneous smaller projects and helped install an exhibit. After the internship, she continued to volunteer at the museum, acting as the media coordinator for the historical society and has working on developing an archaeology exhibit.

Internships Abroad and in the United States

Jenna Cripps spent seven weeks studying intensive advanced Kiswahili in Arusha, Tanzania, through the Fulbright Hays Group Project Abroad program.

Galen Miller-Atkins gained experience in field techniques learned about current research by participating in the 2013 Dmanisi Paleoanthropology Field School in Georgia, an annual five-week program at the 1.8 million-year-old archeological site. Carly McMakin gained five weeks of hands-on experience in archaeological field techniques as well as survey and lab work including cataloging, photography, documentation, and conservation of artifacts at an Etruscan site in Tuscany, Italy. Megan Norris participated in an archaeological dig at Tel Hazor in Northern Israel. The dig included sites dating back to the Middle Bronze and Early-Late Iron Age periods. The location is that of a Canaanite Palace.

Nicole Wackerly spent part of her 2013 summer in the rainforests of Costa Rica acquiring field techniques and experience by studying Mantled Howler Monkeys (Alouatta palliata) during her field course at La Suerte Biological Field Station. Interested in pursuing primatology as a career, she was able to observe three species of New World monkey (Cebus capucinus, Aloutta palliata, and Ateles geoffroyi). She collected data on the variation in suspensory foraging by adult males and adult females, the results of which she presented at the Midwest Primate Interest Group 2013 meeting.