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Field School in Ohio Archaeology

Graphic wiith arrowhead: Digging up the past: 30 years of OHIO archaeology

Help Celebrate 30 Years of Field School!

Thirty years ago, Dr. Elliot Abrams founded the OHIO Archaeological Field School. The program since has excavated almost two dozen archaeological sites, trained 345 undergraduate students in archaeological methods and preservation, and made significant contributions to our understanding of the prehistoric past.

October 2016 Is Archaeology Month

About OHIO Field School of Archaeology

The Field School in Ohio Archaeology was established in 1986 to provide students with an opportunity to explore their interests in archaeology and learn field methodologies to further their careers. The 2016 field season marks the 30th anniversary of this hands-on program, making it one of the longest-running field training programs in the state of Ohio.

The research focus of the field school is ancient habitation sites during the Archaic and Woodland periods (4000 B.C. - A.D. 1000) in southeastern Ohio from which data are collected and further analyzed. This process sheds light on how people during these time periods were building their homes, what types of food were being eaten, how food was being processed, how tools were being made, etc. From these data, along with contemporary and past research from similar sites, students are able to infer how these past societies interacted with the land around them.

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