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Sociology & Criminology Internships

Sociology Internship Coordinator: Roberta Roberson

SOC 4910 Internship Experience

The SOC 4910 internship experience is designed to provide Sociology, Sociology-Criminology, and Sociology Pre-Law students with an opportunity to engage in applied sociology—to take what is learned in the classroom and use it in the real world and to see and understand the myriad connections between individuals and the social institutions within which they function. Moreover, internships can provide opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience, develop professional contacts, and to use their skills to contribute to the local community. In short, an internship offers the opportunity to learn and grow personally, academically, and professionally. Students who are accepted into the SOC 4910 program will have a chance to earn 3-9 credit hours while completing an internship in a field relating to their career interests. Students may complete internships during the fall, spring, and summer terms. Possible internships include working with criminal justice agencies (e.g., police, courts, and corrections), law firms, rehabilitation programs, mediation clinics, human resource agencies, children's services units, hospice programs, elder care facilities, child mentoring projects, and educational programs.

Who Can Do an Internship?

The internship program in sociology and criminology is open to all junior and senior Sociology, Sociology-Criminology, and Sociology Pre-Law majors. However, SOC 4910 is a competitive program with a limited number of placements. While the internship coordinator decides final eligibility, priority is given to seniors and students with a 3.0 G.P.A. in their major.

How to Apply

To apply, students must submit the following items to the internship coordinator:

  • A completed application form
  • A personal statement
  • An up-to-date résumé
  • One letter of recommendation from a sociology/criminology faculty member
  • A current copy of your DARS report.

Once this information has been submitted, the student must undergo an interview with the internship coordinator. After the interview, the coordinator will decide whether to provisionally accept the student into the program. Final approval of the prospective intern hinges on the approval of the sponsoring agency or organization.


Application material and accompanying documents must be completed and submitted to the internship coordinator no later than the Friday of week nine in the semester prior to the semester in which you wish to undertake the internship. You may submit your material after the deadline, but placement cannot be guaranteed, even if you are accepted into the program.

Contact Us

For more information, contact the internship coordinator Roberta Roberson.

Internship Stories

Sociology-Criminology Senior Sees More Career Options after Internship

“I am a Sociology-Criminology major, graduating this spring. This semester I am an intern at the Ohio Public Defender‘s office in Athens, Ohio. There are a lot of positive benefits of participating in an internship during your undergraduate studies,” says Avant Griffith ’17….

Sociology-Criminology Student Interns with the Adult Parole Authority

Zachary Walden graduated in December 2016 and headed to an internship at the Athens Adult Parole Authority office, where he learned about the day to life in the office, as well about himself….

From Planning to Making a Difference to Interviews, Sociology-Criminology Senior’s Internship

“My name is Lindsay Hiatt and I am a Sociology-Criminology major with a minor in Psychology graduating this semester. As I sat down last November to schedule for my final semester at Ohio University, I knew that I wanted the last leg of my journey to be memorable.”…

Sociology-Criminology Senior’s Internship with Big Brothers Big Sisters

“My name is Carrie Ramage and I am a graduating senior in Sociology-Criminology with a minor in Psychology and a Certificate in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. I am interning this semester with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Athens (BBBS).”…

Sociology-Criminology Major Interns at Athens County Sheriff’s Department

Hailey Butterfield, a senior studying sociology criminology at Ohio University, had the opportunity to intern with the Athens County Sheriff’s Office. She described the internship as one of her favorite experiences of college thus far….

Internship Helps Sociology-Criminology Alumna in Current Job

McKenna Wulker ’14 (Sociology-Criminology and Women & Gender Studies) says that being a Records Analyst at Taft involves managing records for the entire Cincinnati office. “I love that I’m able to work hands on with our attorneys and play an active role in our firm. Every day is exciting and different so I never get complacent or bored.”…

Sociology-Criminology Senior Interns at the Athens Courthouse

After changing her major from biology to Sociology-Criminology, Alysha Funk decided to start preparing for law school and found an internship that would help her resume stand out from the rest….

Intern Finds Fulfillment Working with Mentally Ill

Meg Cummins, a senior Sociology-Criminology major, spent her final semester in college interning at the Gathering Place, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding the mentally ill….

Senior Gains Experience with Internship at Adult Parole Authority

Brandon Wyant `17, Sociology-Criminology major and Information and Telecommunication Systems minor, is currently interning at the Adult Parole Authority in Athens. Wyant is highly involved at his internship and has many tasks including checking in with parolees, notifying officers, and sitting in on parole hearings….

Senior’s Internship Confirms Career Options

“I am a fifth-year student studying Sociology-Criminology and Russian. I am currently participating in an internship with the Athens County Sheriff’s Office through Ohio University,” says Wes Gilkey ’17….

Senior Discovers New Interest in Eldercare During Internship

Sallie Cohen interned with the Jewish Family Service in Cincinnati, a nonprofit social service agency that serves all individuals without regard to religion, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or ability to pay. She worked closely with staff and assisted with elderly care. The internship gave her insight into new areas of interest she hadn’t explored before.…

Senior Interns at Prosecutor’s Diversion Program for First-Time Offenders

Lauren Lowe applied for an internship with the local prosecutor’s office to pursue her interest in criminal justice, specifically a career as an investigator for a prosecutor’s office or law firm. “It is very rewarding to work with such dedicated people that truly care and strive to better people’s lives,” says Lowe, a senior Sociology-Criminology major with minors in Marketing and Spanish….

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