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Cultural Anthropology

Hands Across Derry

The iconic "Hands Across the Divide" statue in Derry symbolizes the spirit of reconciliation and hope for the future after decades of conflict in Northern Ireland. © Photo by Celia Burke ’14

Cultural anthropology explores the diversity of practices, institutions, and worldviews across different cultural contexts around the world. Through the ethnographic methods of fieldwork and participant observation, cultural anthropology analyzes how people’s everyday lives and identities are shaped by broader systems of power and politics, by war and violence, by economic transformations and the global circulation of people, media, and technology.

Cultural anthropology is committed to a deep appreciation and celebration of the diversity of traditions, beliefs, and worldviews as well as an understanding of the common humanity that unites us all. By analyzing cultural diversity and cross-cultural interchange, cultural anthropology provides an education in becoming global citizens.

Several Ohio University faculty specialize in cultural anthropology.

Diane Ciekawy

  • Political Anthropology
  • Religion
  • Anthropology of Healing
  • Colonialism
  • Human Rights
  • Development and Underdevelopment
  • Africa

Haley Duschinski

  • Violence, Power and War
  • Popular Protest
  • Human Rights, Law and Justice
  • Law and Conflict
  • Militarization and Impunity
  • International Justice
  • Transitional Justice
  • South Asia
  • India
  • Kashmir

Smoki Musaraj

  • Anthropology of Money and Value
  • Cash Economies
  • Bubbles and Crashes
  • Postsocialist Transformations
  • Corruption and the Rule of Law
  • Speculation in Construction
  • Southeast Europe
  • Albania

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