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Ryan P. Shepherd

Ryan P. Shepherd, portrait
Associate Professor
Ellis 311

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Ph.D., Rhetoric, Composition, & Linguistics, Arizona State University

M.A., English Writing, Composition, & Rhetoric, and American Literature, Indiana University

B.A., English Writing, Indiana University

Scholarly Focus

  • Rhetoric & Composition
  • Composition Pedagogy
  • Writing Transfer
  • Multimodal Composition
  • Digital Literacies
  • Second Language Writing


Shepherd, Ryan P., Mauck, Courtney A., Barber, Christopher J., & Fletcher, Sue. (2021). Beyond osmosis: Developing teaching for transfer pedagogy for graduate classes in composition. Composition Forum, 46.

Shepherd, Ryan P. (2020). Gaming Reddit’s algorithm: r/the_donald and the rhetoric of sorting. Computers and Composition, 56, 1-14.

Shepherd, Ryan P. (2020). What reddit has to teach us about discourse communities. Kairos, 24(2).

Shepherd, Ryan P., Johnson, David T., Fletcher, Sue, Mauck, Courtney A., & Barber, Christopher J. (2020). ENG 7980: Learning Transfer in History and Theories of Composition. Composition Studies, 48(1), 88-102.

Shepherd, Ryan P. (2018). The literacy of Facebook: SNS literacy practices and learning transfer in FYC. Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics, 2(2), 70-86.

Shepherd, Ryan P. (2018). Digital writing, multimodality, and learning transfer: Crafting connections between composition and online composing. Computers and Composition, 48, 103-114.

Shepherd, Ryan P. (2016). Men, women, and Web 2.0 writing: Gender difference in Facebook composing. Computers and Composition 39, 14-26.

Shepherd, Ryan P., O’Meara, Katherine Daily, & Snyder, Sarah Elizabeth. (2016). Grammar agreements: Toward a more finely-tuned approach to corrective feedback. Journal of Response to Writing, 2(1), 43-57.

Shepherd, Ryan P. (2015). FB in FYC: Facebook use among first-year composition students. Computers and Composition, 35, 86-107.

Shepherd, Ryan P, & Goggin, Peter N. (2012). Reclaiming “old” literacies in the new literacy information age: The functional literacies of the mediated workstation. Composition Studies, 40(2), 66-91.

Courses Taught

  • ENG 7980: History and Theories of Composition
  • ENG 7970: New Media Composition in English Studies
  • ENG 7800: Learning Transfer
  • ENG 5900: Digital Literacies
  • ENG 3860: Composing in New Media
  • ENG 3850: Writing about Culture and Society
  • ENG 3080J: Writing & Rhetoric II
  • ENG 1510: Writing & Rhetoric I