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Explore Yesterday Today and Tomorrow with Roman coliseum, games and more

In the College of Arts & Sciences…It’s What We Do

We study ancient Rome and Greece for insight on the human condition...the ancient philosophers to learn about law and love, good and evil in today’s society.

And also because the mythological gods, heroes and monsters of the past will star in tomorrow’s video games.

We probe light from ancient stars just now reaching Earth, bringing the past with it. We search for gold—and the answer to how it was formed—in light from the merger of two neutron stars. And like a medieval sorcerer, we wonder how we could produce heavy elements like gold here on Earth?

Natural explorers, we read novelist Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth and imagine ourselves translating the secret code (ancient runes) into Latin “Descende audax viator” to learn what we must do: “Descend bold traveler….”

Journey graphic--layers of Earth and vectors

What's Your Journey?

Yeah. We go places in the College of Arts & Sciences. It's what we do.

ask why graphic--with something growing in beaker

Ask Why—Over and Over Again

Why? Why? Why? You can ask that question as often as you want. In the College of Arts & Sciences, we ask why in the lab, in the field, even in the accelerator….

graphic of turtle shell disappearing off the screen

Cowabunga! Are You Mikey or Donatello?

Do you rush head-long at the problem or take a nerdy approach to solving the mystery? In the College of Arts & Sciences, you’ll also find Leonardo- and Raph-like approaches to life’s issues. It’s what we do.

In the College of Arts & Sciences, this is what we do. Get ready!

In the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University, students explore yesterday, today and tomorrow--preparing for successful lives through a 21st century liberal arts education. Individualized career coaching helps shape their journeys.