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Schedule for Doctoral Training in Clinical Psychology

Although the program can be completed in five years, the program may take longer to complete, especially for students who elect to complete an additional major area of study and/or seek academic careers. Whereas the schedule below is a general guideline to follow, specific deadlines of which students need to be aware include the following:

The second Monday of April of students’ first year: Thesis prospectus must be submitted to the Director of Clinical Training (see Thesis Proposal and Defense Meeting Deadlines in Section XI for more information).

The Friday of the first week of classes for Spring Semester of students’ second year: Thesis proposal must be approved (see Thesis Proposal and Defense Meeting Deadlines in Section XI for more information).

The last day of classes of Fall Semester of students’ third year:  Thesis must be successfully defended (see Thesis Proposal and Defense Meeting Deadlines in Section XI for more information)

Oct. 1 of fifth year:  Dissertation proposal must be successfully defended.

Missing any of these deadlines will typically result in an automatic Type II evaluation letter.

Note: students are required to complete 6710, 6740, and 6730 prior to entering practicum in their second year. Second year students are required to complete 6760 and 6750 concurrent with their first year in practicum.

The normal schedule for clinical training in the doctoral program is shown below:

First Year

Fall Semester

  • PSY 5700 Clinical Orientation
  • PSY 6111 Advanced Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • PSY 6100 Data Management
  • PSY 6710 Clinical Psychopathology
  • PSY 6740 Fundamentals of Psychotherapy
  • One additional course, required/breadth or elective/track

Spring Semester

  • PSY 6112 Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis
  • PSY 6120 Advanced Research Methods
  • PSY 7740 Adult Psychotherapy
  • PSY 6730 Fundamentals of Clinical Assessment
  • PSY 7930 Readings in Psychology or PSY 7940 Research in Psychology

Second Year

  • PSY 6760 Diversity Issues in Research and Practice
  • PSY 6750 Issues in Professional Psychology
  • Additional Assessment Course (PSY 7730 Adult Assessment or PSY 7732 Child and Adolescent Assessment)
  • PSY 7920 Clinical Practicum (3CR per semester)
  • Required Discipline Specific Knowledge courses or electives for major areas of study
  • Approved thesis proposal by Friday of the first week of classes in spring semester

Third Year

  • PSY 7920 Clinical Practicum (3 CR per semester)
  • Begin Traineeship (PSY 7925 or 7910)
  • Discipline-Specific Knowledge courses
  • Electives or courses in other specialty training areas
  • Successful defense of thesis by last day of classes in Fall semester
  • Complete doctoral comprehensive exam.

Fourth Year

  • Have approved dissertation proposal by Oct 1 if applying to internship.
  • Discipline-Specific Knowledge courses
  • PSY 8920 Supervision
  • Electives
  • Complete Traineeship (PSY 7925 or 7910)

Fifth Year and Beyond

  • Have approved dissertation proposal no later than Oct 1.
  • Internship or completion of breadth or track courses and dissertation