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Final Copies of Theses and Dissertations for Clinical Psychology

Once the thesis or dissertation committee has approved the work, students should submit final copies of the work to the College of Arts and Sciences. Here are some guidelines for preparing the final copies.

The appropriate style for submitting theses and dissertations is given in the current edition of the APA Publication Manual. Please be familiar with that style and use it in the preparation of thesis and dissertation documents. The purpose of the manual is to help authors prepare manuscripts for submission to APA journals. Given that students are required to have their theses and dissertations in the format of a journal article, it is essential that students follow the procedures in the APA Publication Manual very closely. However, The College of Arts & Sciences annually produces a pamphlet titledĀ "Directions for the format and presentation of theses and dissertations." The instructions in this pamphlet take precedence over the instructions given in the APA Publication Manual. If students have questions about how to prepare the documents, they are welcome to check with the Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies.