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Clinical Thesis and Dissertation Requirement

Thesis and Dissertation Requirement for Clinical Ph.D. in Psychology

Students may register for PSY 6950, Thesis (1-8 hours per semester not to exceed 35 hours overall), while working on their master’s theses and PSY 8950, Dissertation (1-15 hours per semester, not to exceed 35 hours overall) while working on their dissertations. See Section X.P through X.S of this manual for information on thesis and dissertation committees, proposal and defense meetings, and deadlines and time limits. For students who enter the doctoral program having completed a master’s thesis elsewhere, the thesis requirement may be waived; a copy of the thesis must be provided to the Admissions Chair, the Director of Clinical Training, and the student’s faculty mentor and must receive approval from these individuals prior to the thesis requirement being waived. Students may have a complete waiver of the requirement, be required to complete a thesis equivalency project, or complete a new thesis, following standard procedures.