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Adam Carlitz

Adam Carlitz

Graduate Student


Year of Entry

Fall 2015


Experimental Cognitive Psychology


Dr. Ronaldo Vigo
Dr. Kimberley Rios

Research Interests

Adam is interested in social cognition and cognitive psychology.  He studies judgment and decision making. More specifically, he is curious about motivations, goals, attitudes, beliefs, and information-processing. Adam finds it really interesting that most of our behavior seems to be beyond our control and influenced by factors outside of our awareness. He wants to know more about how the brain/mind interprets these factors, deals with conflicts (competing influences), and subsequently makes decisions.  Recently, Adam has become interested in examining religion, threat, and related topics.

Curriculum Vitae

Adam Carlitz
Department of Psychology
Ohio University
200 Porter Hall
Athens, OH   45701


Ohio University: Athens, OH  
Experimental Psychology Ph.D. Candidate
Concentration: Cognitive and Social Psychology
Advisors: Ronaldo Vigo, Ph.D. & Kimberly Rios, Ph.D.

Drexel University: Philadelphia, PA
Bachelors of Science, December 2014
Major: Psychology

Relevant Graduate Coursework

Cognitive Processes    
Advanced Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
Concept Learning and Categorization     
Advanced Linear Regression
Experimental Social Psychology    
Advanced Research Methods in Psychology
Psychology of Religion    
Structural Equation Modeling

Research Experience

Behavioral Economics Lab, Ohio University: Athens, OH, Supervisor: Glenn Dutcher, Ph.D.

In Preparation, Primary Investigator, Modeling Anticipation Behavior: The Optimal Delay Duration Maximizing Expected Utility

CATS and SCOPE Labs, Ohio University: Athens, OH, Supervisors: Kimberly Rios, Ph.D. & Ronaldo Vigo, Ph.D.

In Preparation, Primary Investigator, The Influence of God and Religion Concepts in Religious Temporal Discounting

Conformity, Attitudes, Threat and Self (CATS) Lab, Ohio University: Athens, OH, Supervisor: Kimberly Rios, Ph.D.

In Preparation, Primary Investigator, Threatened Religious Attitudes and Ideological Extremism

Judgment and Decision-Making Lab Ohio University: Athens, OH, Supervisor: Claudia Gonzalez-Vallejo, Ph.D.

2015 – 2016, Coinvestigator, Examining the Relationship between Described and Experienced Temporal Discounting

  • Developing standardized methodological procedures such as protocol directions and experimenter scripts
  • Administering cognitive measures and experimental protocols
  • Managing data collection and storage
  • Drafting study manuscript for publication

Applied Neuro-Technologies Lab Drexel University: Philadelphia, PA Supervisor: Maria T. Schultheis, Ph.D.

2014-2015, Undergraduate Senior Thesis, Primary Investigator, The Effects of the Notecard Organization Strategy on Writing Performance in ADHD College Students

Developed a self-regulating, compensatory strategy designed to target primary symptoms of ADHD in order to improve executive functioning and subsequent writing performance.  Assessed the relationship between writing performance and primary symptoms of ADHD.

2013 – 2014, Research Assistant, Primary Investigator: Chelsea Morse, M.S., Multitasking and Vocational Functioning in Multiple Sclerosis: A Performance Based Assessment

  • Administering cognitive, physical, and neuropsychological measures to both healthy controls and those with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Scoring protocol measures
  • Managing data collection and storage
  • Consulting on the creation of an experimental measure: Vocational Multitasking Test (VMT)

2012 – 2013, Research Assistant, Primary Investigator: Anna C. Graefe, B.A., Risky Driving Behavior in Young Adults: Decision Making and Executive Functioning Correlates

  • Scoring various cognitive and neuropsychological measures
  • Checking and correcting previous scoring for accuracy
  • Managing and organizing data storage.

Pediatric and Child/Adolescent Lab Drexel University: Philadelphia, PA Supervisor: Brian P. Daly, Ph.D.

2012 – 2013, Research Assistant, Primary Investigator: Aimee Hildenbrand, B.A., Executive Function of College Students: Comparisons Between Students with and without Childhood Trauma

  • Recruitment management
  • Scoring various cognitive and neuropsychological measure
  • Managing and organizing data storage

Published Abstracts

Carlitz, A., Xu, P., Kirwen, N., Gonzalez-Vallejo, C. (2016). Examining the relationship between described and experienced temporal discounting protocols.  Association for Psychological Science.

Graefe, A.C., Carlitz, A., Bishai, D., Johnson, S., & Schultheis, M.T. (2013). Relationship between challenging driving situations and neuropsychological functioning in young adults with ADHD. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 27(5), 557.

Conference Presentations

Kirwen, N., Xu, P., Carlitz, A., Gonzalez-Vallejo, C. (2016). Impulsivity’s Influence on Temporal Discounting in Coin Collection Experiment.  Ohio University Student Research Expo, Athens, OH.

Carlitz, A., Graefe, A.C., Schultheis, M.T. (2013). Examining the Relationship Between Driving Behaviors and Cognition in Young Adults with ADHD. Poster presented at Psi Chi Philadelphia Research Day, Philadelphia, PA.

Grants and Awards

Summer 2015-2016, Ohio University Psychology Department Travel Grant
Summer 2015-2016, Ohio University Graduate Student Senate Travel Grant
Spring 2015-2016, Ohio University Student Research Expo 2nd Place Award

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant

Proctoring exams
Managing course gradebooks
Creating and conducting guest lectures
Grading and administering feedback on assignments, papers, and exams
Planning and overseeing course activities (such as exam review sessions and anatomy labs)

Ohio University: Athens, OH
General Psychology, Fall 2016-2017, Anne Dawson, M.S., Instructor
Cognitive Psychology, Fall 2016-2017, Ronaldo Vigo, Ph.D., Instructor
Cognitive Psychology, Spring 2015-2016, Ronaldo Vigo, Ph.D., Instructor
Statistics for Behavioral Sciences, Spring 2015-2016, Xiaoxia Song, M.S., Instructor
General Psychology, Fall 2015-2016, Andrew McClintock, M.S., Instructor
Elem. Statistical Reasoning, Fall 2015-2016, Susan Tice-Alicke, Ph.D., Instructor
Cognitive Psychology, Fall 2015-2016, Derek Zeigler, M.S., Instructor

Drexel University: Philadelphia, PA
Principles of Neuropsychology, Fall 2013-2014, Mary Spiers, Ph.D., Instructor

Work Experience

2016 – Present, Advising Program Development Assistant
Psychology Department Advising Center, Ohio University: Athens, OH, Supervisor: Susan Tice-Alicke, Ph.D.

Creating new career path tracks to be used in the advising of undergraduate psychology students; these include genetic counseling, career counseling, and higher education
Acquiring graduate program information and requirements
Identifying potential action steps and external resources
Developing area and course recommendations
Writing and designing online and print brochures

2014 – Present, GRE and SAT Teacher/Tutor
Kaplan Test Preparation, Inc. Philadelphia, PA, Manager: Drusilla Ciotti

  • Designing and implementing weekly lectures
  • Proctoring weekly exams
  • Grading and giving feedback on assignments and exams
  • Providing extracurricular student support
  • Presented to prospective clients at marketing and sales events

2012 – 2014, Peer Mentor
Drexel Autism Support Program Drexel University: Philadelphia, PA Supervisor: Felicia Hurewitz, Ph.D.

  • Providing support to a student with autism in the areas of academics, social skills, self-advocacy, and independent living
  • Establishing goals and assessing progress towards said goals
  • Coaching to overcome conflicts
  • Teaching/Modeling appropriate social and academic behavior

Professional Development

Multilevel Modeling Workshop; Elizabeth Page-Gould, Ph.D.; APS 28th Annual Convention; May, 2016

Professional Membership

Cognitive Science Society
Association for Psychological Science
Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology
APA Division 03: Society for Experimental Psychology
APA Division 08: Society for Personality and Social Psychology
APA Division 21: Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology
International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology
American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS)

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