Ohio University

French and Francophone Studies Graduate Certificate

Program Overview

The French and Francophone Studies Graduate Certificate provides significant interdisciplinary experience that complements Ohio University graduate programs, while providing options for travel to regions of the world united by common language and colonial history.

While such programs are typically rooted in the humanities and language training, this program is distinctive for its interdisciplinarity. It views the French and Francophone world through the lenses of history, language, literature, law, culture, society, environmental science, and politics.

The program will focus on issues of coloniality, postcoloniality, decolonization, immigration and emigration that have grown in significance in all of these regions of the world. It features an extraordinary range of OHIO scholars working on France, the French Caribbean, Vietnam, Cambodia, Africa, Canada, New Orleans and African American expatriates in Paris.

The program also features two optional education abroad and service-learning components. The program will offer relatively short (two-to-four weeks) education abroad modules to many of the areas in France and the Francophone world listed above. And a New Orleans module will provide a service-learning opportunity while students explore the French influence on the United States. Such educational opportunities away from the Ohio University campus are encouraged, but are not required to complete the certificate program.

Language Requirement: Students must reach, via coursework or testing, FR 5310 before they may proceed in the certificate program.

Career Opportunities

The program provides supplementary expertise for students wishing to go on to further graduate study, or to pursue work in careers that might include business, law, education or mass media.

Admissions Information

Admissions Policy: No requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Change Policy: No selective or limited admission requirements.

Transfer Policy: No requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Certificate Requirements

Certificate Hours Requirement

The French and Francophone Studies certificate program requires a minimum of 15 hours. Two courses must come from the language list. There is no exit or minimum GPA requirement.

Language Requirement

Complete three credit hours in each of the following two courses:

  • FR 5310 French for Graduate Reading Requirements V (Note: Students must complete this course before they can continue in the certificate. Students who test out must take another elective to reach 15 credit hours.)
  • FR 5320 French for Graduate Reading Requirements VI

Elective Requirement

Complete three elective courses - each of at least three credit hours, and each course from a different department:

  • AH 5320 West African Art
  • ANTH 5810 Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • ANTH 5850 Cultures of Southeast Asia
  • COMS 6350 Foucault, Discourse, and Social Change
  • EDAD 7071 Comparative Cultures and Education
  • EDAD 7072 Education & Development in Developing Countries
  • EDAD 7524 Global and Transcultural Understandings
  • FR 5360 Civilization and Culture
  • FR 5502 16th-Century French Literature
  • FR 5503 17th-Century French Literature
  • FR 5504 18th-Century French Literature
  • FR 5505 19th-Century French Literature
  • FR 5506 20th-Century French Literature
  • FR 5511 Francophone Literature and Culture of Africa and Caribbean
  • FR 5512 Francophone Literature and Culture of the Americas
  • FR 5514 Early Modern Non-Fiction Prose: 16th-18th-Centuries
  • FR 5515 Early Modern Poetry: 16th-18th-Centuries
  • FR 5516 Prose Fiction of the 17th and 18th-Centuries
  • FR 5517 Drama of the 17th and 18th Centuries
  • FR 5518 Prose Fiction of the 19th-Century
  • FR 5519 Poetry of the 19th- and 20th-Centuries
  • FR 5520 Drama of the 19th- and 20th-Centuries
  • FR 5521 Prose Fiction of the 20th- Century
  • FR 6902 Seminar
  • FR 6930 Independent Study in French
  • FR 6940 Directed Readings in French Language, Literature, and Culture
  • GEOG 5310 Geography of Africa
  • HIST 5380 History of West Africa
  • HIST 5390 Women in African History
  • HIST 5400 African Intellectual History
  • HIST 5411 History of Africa Since 1850
  • HIST 5440 History of Vietnam
  • HIST 5451 Southeast Asia, c. 1750 to 1945, Change and Conflict
  • HIST 5452 Southeast Asia, 1945 to the Present: The Search for Stability
  • HIST 5610 The French Revolution
  • HIST 5660 History of France in the 19th- Century
  • HIST 5661 Modern France in the 20th- Century
  • HIST 6300 Seminar in African History
  • HIST 6400 Seminar: Southeast Asia
  • HIST 6906 Colloquium in African History
  • IART 7601 Contemporary African Art
  • MDIA 5170 Media in the Muslim World
  • MUS 5250 Music of Africa
  • MUS 5260 African Music and Related Arts
  • PHIL 5280 Continental Rationalism
  • PHIL 5590 Contemporary French Philosophy
  • POLS 5300 Politics of Western Europe
  • POLS 5390 Government and Politics of France
  • POLS 5410 African Politics
  • POLS 5738 Politics of Race in Global Context
  • POLS 5765 Diaspora, Transnationalism, and Post-Colonialism