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Kim M. Thompson

Kim Thompson


Environmental & Plant Biology
Porter Hall 315

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Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Department of Biological Sciences


Publications and Papers

Biology 1010 Laboratory Manual, third edition (Showalter & Thompson)

Thompson, K., Culley, T. Zumberger, A., Lentz, D. 2015. Genetic variation and structure in the neotropical tree, Manilkara zapota (L) P. Royen (Sapotaceae) used by the ancient Maya. Tree Genetics & Genomes 11: 40-52.

Thompson, K., Hood, A., Cavallero, D., Lentz, D. 2015. Connecting Contemporary Ecology and Ethnobotany to Ancient Plant Use Practices of the Maya at Tikal. In Tikal and Maya Paleoecology (eds. Lentz D, Dunning N, Scarborough V). Cambridge University Press.

Lentz, D., Dunning, N., Scarborough, V., Magee, K., Thompson, K., Weaver, E., Carr, C., Terry, R., Islebe, G., Tankersley, K., Sierra, L., Jones, J., Buttles, P., Valdez, F. & Hernandez, C. 2014. Forests, fields, and the edge of sustainability at the ancient Maya city of Tikal. PNAS 111: 18513-18518.

Lentz, D., Lane, B., Thompson, K. 2014. Food, Farming and Forest Management Practices of the Late Classic Maya at Aguateca. In Life and Politics at the Royal Court of Aguateca: Artifacts, Analytical Data, and Synthesis (eds. Inomata T, Triadan D). University of Utah Press.

Thompson, K., Miller M., Culley, T. 2007. Comparison of plant species richness, diversity, and biomass in Ohio wetlands. The Ohio Journal of Science 107: 2-9.

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