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Test the Water

Emily Keil checks her sample cups in a stream.

Emily Keil checks her sample cups in a stream.

Grad Student Analyzes Effects of Acid Mine Drainage on Local Streams

Images of orange water pour out of Emily Keil’s phone as she discuss her current research. The orange is from the unusual amounts of iron that have built up in many streams in the Athens area over the years.

Keil, a graduate student in the Plant Biology M.S. program, has been analyzing the effects of acid mine drainage (AMD) on local streams.

Keil randomly arranged over 1,000 cups in 16 different streams near the Athens area, and these cups contained either phosphorus, nitrogen, a combination of the two, or neither nutrient. She studied streams affected by AMD, streams that were unaffected, streams that were treated and had recovered, and streams that were treated but not fully recovered.

· Read more about her research.

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