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Scholarships for Continuing Students in Physics & Astronomy

Scholarships for undergraduate students in Physics & Astronomy at Ohio University

Scholarships are available for undergraduate students in Physics & Astronomy.

Undergraduate Scholarships

The Department of Physics & Astronomy offers a number of scholarships to advanced students. These include:

  • John E. Edwards Fellowship Endowment
  • Lela A. Ewers Science Scholarship
  • Robert P. Gecsy Physics Scholarship
  • Darrell Otto Huwe scholarship
  • Abhishek Singh Scholarship
  • C. Paul and Beth K. Stocker Scholarship
  • Distinguished Professor Scholarships

Selection is based on academic performance at Ohio University. Over the past year, the average GPA of student receiving departmental scholarship has been 3.5. At a lesser level, documented need is also considered. The results of the FAFSA along with the estimated cost of attendance determines whether a student has financial need. Refer to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships web page to document your need. The departmental awards are completely separate from the university financial aid office ones, and both types of award are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the department's most successful students received both kinds of awards simultaneously. The departmental awards range from $500 up to full tuition.

One application form is sufficient for all of these scholarships (except for the Shipman Scholarships, which are awarded separately to entering freshmen). Download an application form (Word or pdf) and return before Feb. 15 to the Scholarship Committee Chair. Email, or write to:

 Scholarship Committee Chair
 Department of Physics & Astronomy
 251B Clippinger Laboratories
 Ohio University
 Athens, OH, 45701

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