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Ph.D. in Physics


Cody Parker and Shamim Akhtar with Dr. Carl Brune in Edwards Accelerator Laboratory.

Program Overview

The Department of Physics & Astronomy offers the Doctor of Philosophy degree. This involves a combination of coursework and the completion of an original, scholarly piece of research that is then presented as a Ph.D. dissertation.

The research activities of the department are broad. They currently include astrophysics, biophysics, condensed matter and surface science, nanoscience, nuclear physics, and particle physics. Both experimental and theoretical studies are in progress in these areas. Interdisciplinary and inter-departmental programs of study also are possible.

Opportunities: The Ph.D. qualifies the recipient to pursue work as a professional physicist. It also readies him or her for a variety of careers involving analytical thinking and experimental or computational skills.

More than 75 percent of our students go on to post-doctoral research positions at other universities and/or national laboratories. These postdoctoral positions further their training and are considered an essential step toward securing a permanent academic or research position. A significant fraction of our recent graduates have used this career path to obtain a tenure-track position at a university.

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