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Probing Life

Probing Life

Micropipette aspiration of a cancer cell. Photo by Dr. David Tees.

Biophysics or Biological Physics

In 1944, pioneer of Quantum Mechanics Erwin Schroedinger delivered a series of lectures with the title "What is Life" that examined what modern physics was able to say about how biology worked on the molecular level and how biological solutions to problems of self-organization in the face of entropy could inform physics. These lectures and the book that resulted from them inspired many physicists (including Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA) to turn their attention to molecular biology. This has developed into the area called either Biophysics or Biological Physics that is represented at Ohio University.


Dr. Peter Jung: Non-linear Dynamics and Neuroscience

Dr. Alexander Neiman: Electro-receptors and Signal Transduction

Dr. David Tees: Experimental Biophysics of Cell Adhesion

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