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College of Arts & Sciences

Department Awards


Dr. Carl Brune (center, with graduate students Cody Parker and Shamim Akhtar) received the College of Arts and Sciences 2013 Dean’s Outstanding Teacher Award. Photo by Rob Hardin.


2015 Awards


Alexander Govorov received the Outstanding Faculty Research and Scholarship Award from the College of Arts and Sciences.

David Ingram received the Outstanding Faculty Leadership and Service Award from the College of Arts and Sciences.


Physics & Astronomy Outstanding Staff Award – Julie Goettge

Ohio University Administrative Service

  • Don Roth, 20 years
  • Doug Shafer, 10 years

Undergraduate Students

Sam Johnson received best presentation at the 2015 Undergraduate Physics Research Conference, organized by the Society of Physics Students at Ohio University. Honorable Mention was awarded to Maxwell Camp and Natalie Klco.

Natalie Klco and Kylie Holmes were inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma, the honor society for the Society of Physics Students.

Graduate Students

Andrada Mandru captured the Russell and Sigurd Varian award at the annual American Vacuum Society International Symposium in San Jose, CA, one of three national-level named student awards at the meeting. She made two presentations and also won a second award in the Magnetic Interfaces & Nanostructures Division.

Nilaj Chakrabarty was awarded Outstanding Teaching Assistant by the College of Arts & Sciences

Heath Kersell did two pieces of work for his dissertation cited in the future road map of DOE Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee. This is leading to the construction of a new beamline at the Advanced Photon Source dedicated to x-ray spectroscopy at the single atom level – the first in the world.

Thushan Wickramasinghe received the Graduate Associate Outstanding Teaching Award by the Department of Physics and Astronomy



2014 Awards


APS Outstanding Referee of Physical Review and Physics Review Letters - Daniel Phillips


Physics & Astronomy Outstanding Staff Award – Jean Andrews

Ohio University Administrative Service

  • Candy Dishong, 35 years
  • Tom Massey, 25 years
  • Todd Koren, 15 years
  • Alexander Voinov, 10 years

Undergraduate Students

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant – Yashashree Jadhav

NSF Graduate Fellowship, University of Wisconsin Madison – Austin Way

Scholarship to the La Serena Data Science School, La Serena Chile – Yashashree Jadhav

Hollings Scholarship with NOAA at the David Skaggs Research Center, Boulder, CO – Helen Cothrel

REU at the LIGO, University of Minnesota – Samantha Thrush

Two detector studies at research facilities in Genoa, Italy and CEA/Saclay, France – Natalie Klco

Graduate Students

College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching Assistant – Oscar Avalos

NQPI Outstanding Dissertation Award – Andrew DiLullo (adviser Dr. Saw-Wai Hla)

Scale-Up Teaching Assistant Award – Tyler Danley, Sean McGraw, and Andrea Richard

Y.C. Chang Graduate Fellowship – Mahmoud Asmar

2014 Stewardship Science Academic Programs Outstanding Poster – Sushil Dhakal


2013 Awards


College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Teacher Award—Dr. Carl Brune


Physics & Astronomy Outstanding Staff Award—Doug Shafer

Ohio University Administrative Service

  • Don Carter, 40 years
  • Julie Goettge, 15 years

Undergraduate Students

NOAA Hollings Scholarship—Helen Cothrel

Marshall Scholarship and NSF Doctoral Scholarship—Keith Hawkins

Max Plank Summer Internship—Yashashree Jadhav

Ohio Fellows Program—Natalie Klco

Ohio Space Grant Consortium (OSGC) Junior Award—Andrew Dewald

REU at UC Davis—Samantha Thrush

Graduate Students

Ohio Space Consortium Fellowship—Desiree Cotto-Figueroa

Arts & Sciences Outstanding TA—Thushan Wickramasinghe

Y.-C. Chang Graduate Fellowship—Yinyun Li

NQPI Outstanding Dissertation Award—Ginetom Diniz (adviser Dr. Sergio Ulloa)

2013 Stewardship Science Academic Programs Symposium Outstanding Poster—Cody Parker


2012 Awards


Physics & Astronomy Outstanding Staff Award—Meg Van Patten

Ohio University Administrative Service—Wayne Chiasson, 15 years

Undergraduate Students

Ernest F. Hollings undergraduate Scholarship—Austin Way

Graduate Students

Ohio Space Grant Consortium Fellowship—Desiree Cotto-Figueroa

Mid-Western Association of Graduate Schools' Distinguished Masters' Thesis Award—Heath Kersell

Poster Award at the 2012 American Ceramic Society Glass and Optical Division Meeting—Heath Kersell

Y.-C. Chang Graduate Fellowship—Tejinder Kaur

Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship—Zhiyuan Fan

Arts & Sciences Outstanding TA—Andrea Richard


2011 Awards


American Physical Society Fellowship—Dr. Carl Brune

Ohio University Transformative Faculty

  • Dr. Markus Boettcher
  • Dr. David Drabold
  • Dr. Saw Hla
  • Dr. Mark Lucas
  • Dr. Art Smith

Grasselli Brown Faculty Teaching Award—Dr. Ken Hicks


Ohio University Administrative Service

  • John O'Donnell, 25 years
  • Devon Jacobs, 10 years

Physics & Astronomy Outstanding Staff Award—Tracy Inman and Devon Jacobs

Undergraduate Students

Goldwater Scholarship—Keith Hawkins

Sigma Xi Grant-in-aid—John Kerr

Graduate Students

Sigma Xi Grant-in-aid—Brett Ragozzine

Ohio Space Grant Consortium Fellowship—Desiree Cotto-Figueroa

2011 American Ceramic Glass & Optical Materials Division, First Place Poster Award—Chandrasiri Ihalawela

Arts & Sciences Outstanding TA—Sean Krupa

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