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The Cosmos
The Cosmos

From the mysteries of dark matter to the secrets hidden in our own solar system, astrophysics probes the galaxy of unanswered questions.


At the size scale of an atom, researchers manipulate nano-particles to explore the world of quantum mechanics and to build the smallest machines possible.

Probing Life
Probing Life

Biophysicists study the complexity of life by using the laws of physics and the power of math to analyze patterns in living things, from epilepsy to signal processing.

Nuclei & Particles
Nuclei & Particles

The nuclear force is the strongest found in nature. From questions of how protons and neutrons are bound in nuclei (or neutron stars) to the interactions of quarks and gluons, this is strong stuff.


Tuesday, Jan. 17 INPP Seminar
Titus Morris
University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Lab
Extending the Frontier of Predictive Ab Initio Methods: Recent Developments and Outlook
4:00 p.m. in Edwards Accelerator Lab, Roger W. Finlay Conference Room.

Wednesday, Jan. 18 Science Café
Joe Shields
Ohio University
The Quest for Supermassive Black Holes
5:00 p.m. Baker Center Front Room

Friday, Jan. 20 Colloquium
Andrei Afanasev
The George Washington University, Washington, DC
Optical Vortices and Their Interaction with Matter
4:10 p.m. Walter Hall 245

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