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College of Arts & Sciences
Graphic illustration history of philosophy and science
Philosophy & Science

Bringing outstanding philosophers of science to discuss seminal issues in the history and/or philosophy of science.

Philosophy Forum graphic, illustration of man thinking
The Philosophy Forum

Giving students opportunities to study recent work of famous philosophers, with intensive seminars and discussions.

Ethics graphic with sticky notes showing
Spetnagel Ethics Lecture

Bringing distinguished philosophers in Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy to campus.

Philosophy book covers, from Aristotle to Virgil
Faculty Research Areas

Ranging from aesthetics to ethics to the philosophy of the mind and science.

Statue of Greek philosopher in marble
Probe Timeless Questions

Probing topics that have been the subject in the Western intellectual tradition beginning in 585 B.C.

philosophy of the mind graphic, showing three versions of heads, puzzling
The Analytic Tradition

Construing the analytic tradition broadly in M.A. program, with original research in the master’s thesis.

Physics & Astronomy

Philosophy Facebook
Philosophy Twitter

College of Arts & Sciences