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Kate Phillips

Dr. Kate Phillips, portrait
Irvine 062


BSc (hons) Physiology, University of Wales, Cardiff, 1987

Ph.D. Physiology, University of Wales, Cardiff, 1992

Post-graduate certificate in Learning and Teaching, Part 1, University of Wales, Cardiff, 2007

Professional Experience

Back in the UK at grad school, working with cell cultures and rats and mice to complete the physiology/neuroscience research for my Ph.D., I learned a couple of things about myself that have shaped my life. Firstly, the spinal cord neurons that I was working with were fascinating but I didn't want to focus on them, or indeed any one topic, because I enjoy thinking about all aspects of human physiology and anatomy. Secondly, I realized I love talking human biology, and rodents aren't great communicators. Clearly then, a career in teaching was calling me. And three decades, two continents and more than 5,000 students later, I've taught almost all aspects of Anatomy and Physiology to almost every type of student—medics and midwives, non-majors and honors students, 18-year-olds and grandmas, from community college classes of 15 students to Rutgers University classes of more than 400.

For me, it never gets old talking about the human machine—even today, still pretty much the only bit of tech that any of us will ever own that repairs and improves itself!