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Issue 4 Call For Papers

Call for Papers

Parlour Issue 4: Toni Morrison, Violence, and Domestic Space

“She rolled a bit of newspaper into a tight stick about six inches long, lit it and threw it onto the bed where the kerosene-soaked Plum lay in snug delight. Quickly, as the whoosh of flames engulfed him, she shut the door and made her slow and painful journey back to the top of the house” (Morrison, Sula)

The fourth issue of Parlour will examine the many ways in which violence defines and dominates the homes and other domestic spaces of Toni Morrison’s novels. Morrison’s work is marked by scenes of unthinkable violence that echo throughout individual novels and her oeuvre. Readers recall Sethe’s act of attacking her children and the subsequent haunting of 124 Bluestone Road, Eva’s immolation of Plum, the attack on the Convent women, Cholly’s rape of Pecola, and innumerable other examples of violence that occurs in domestic spaces. The editors are especially interested in surprising and unusual readings of violence and domesticity in Morrison’s work, particularly essays engaging with Morrison novels that receive comparatively little critical attention.

We are also interested in the ways that Morrison’s homes revolt against or resist cycles of violence, and whether these attempts are successful.

Essays, growl posts, and videos may consider but are by no means limited to the following topics within Morrison’s body of work:

  • The gendered nature of violence within the home

  • How violence precedes or follows forgiveness

  • Differences between the violence that occurs in matriarchal and patriarchal spaces

  • The intersection between violence and mercy

  • Women/men as both mothers/fathers and perpetrators

  • How siblings and/or extended family members mediate, perpetuate, or quell violence

  • How violence in the home mirrors cultural/political violence

  • Readings that consider the role of food, cooking, hunger, consumption

Submissions might consider violence within families or violence that occurs between unrelated persons within a particular domestic space, such as Dr. Scott’s assault of Cee Money in Home . We also welcome work that redefines normative notions of “home” and extend the definition of domestic space beyond the family residence.

Deadline for full article submission is February 15, 2018.

We accept literary criticism from all periods. Further details and links to past issues are available at our website, https://www.ohio.edu/parlour/ .

Submissions Requirements

We accept electronic submissions year-round for feature essays, growlery essays, and videos.

Feature Essays

Parlour: A Journal of Literary Criticism and Analysis is a peer-reviewed, online, open-access scholarly journal established by the Ohio University English department. Published twice a year, the journal invites literary scholarship from all levels of academics (graduate, post graduate, and independent). We are particularly interested in original works of literary criticism and analysis for the bi-annual issues as well as textual responses and video media for an online environment.

We will be announcing our national CFP for the forthcoming second issue soon! Check back for further updates.


What is a “Growl Post”? A Growl Post is a short essay responding to a text using few, if any, secondary sources. Named for John Jarndyce’s “Growlery” in Dickens’ Bleak House, the Growlery is a space to express and ruminate on issues “unsuitable” for the parlour. However, Growls do not need to exclusively express “ill humour.” Funny, edgy, witty, dark—Growls may contemplate or approach a text from any perspective. Growl Posts should follow current MLA guidelines and be approximately 1500-2500 words in length.


The editors of Parlour are currently seeking two forms of video content: lectures and presentations. Lectures should be approximately 20 minutes in length and aim to teach Parlour’s audience about a literary topic. Lectures can be part of a series—please submit a proposal first if you would like to do a 3 (or more) part lecture series. Lectures should not be videos of your classroom sessions, but rather an oration given specifically for Parlour and its audience. Lectures may include you speaking directly to a camera, pictures, video clips, voice-over, etc. All materials used must either be your own property, in the public domain, or used with permission and citation.

Presentations should be between 10-15 minutes in length and aim to be informative. Presentations are not a video of you reading a paper into a camera. Rather, we would like to see you talking to your audience in a more or less relaxed format. As with the lectures, you may use a myriad of media to create your presentation.

A note on video editing: We here at Parlour do not expect you to be a video editing genius. However, we do expect you to provide the best quality sound and video you can reasonable manage. Fortunately, there are several free video editors that can be used on the web or downloaded. The following link provides a list of free sites and software. Parlour is not responsible for the upkeep of this link or its content and does not sponsor any company or product. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_editing_software

For sake of continuity between all videos hosted by Parlour, please open your lecture or presentation by saying: “I’m (your name) for Parlour. When ending your video, please close by saying: “On behalf of myself and Parlour, thank you for watching. For more videos and content got to www.ohio.edu/parlour.”

Submit all video media and Growl Posts as attachments to parlourjournal@gmail.com.

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