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Issue 1: The Politics of Home

Letter from the editor

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the premier issue of Parlour: A Journal of Literary Criticism and Analysis. The inklings of Parlour began in 2013 and after two years, the idea has at long last become a reality. I would like to thank Josh Davis, Priya Gupta, and Cactus May for seeing the value of this project and joining the staff early as editors, advisors, and technical consultants. I would also like to thank Dr. Paul Jones for his unending support of Parlour and for his ability to keep my spirits up; Daphne Metts for her help navigating the murky depths of bureaucratic and administrative paper work; my wonderful team of Associate Editors who did a spectacular job of reviewing, proofing, and editing submissions; and lastly, our department head, Dr. Sherrie Gradin for having faith in my ability to successfully launch this journal and for providing financial support to make it happen.

In this issue, “The Politics of Home,” an international collection of scholars discusses how homes and living spaces function, or become dysfunctional, in literature. Our authors include: Dr. Stephanie Polsky, Dilek Öztürk- Yagcı, Eir-Anne Edgar, Sarah Kent, and Dr. Eden Wales Freedman.

We hope you enjoy the premier issue! If you have questions, comments, or would like to work with Parlour in the future, please contact us through our “about us” page or email us at parlourjournal@gmail.com.

With thanks and warm regards,

C. A. Knauss