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Hauntingly Familiar: Bondage, Blood, And Property In Old Hepsy

Eir-Anne Edgar |

The intertwining threads of blood, race, family, and inheritance were primary concerns during the nineteenth century. The maintenance and clarity of racial boundaries were necessary to determine…

Consuming Cromwells in the Court & Kitchin of Elizabeth

Dana Schumacher-Schmidt |

This article takes as its subject a hybrid text that offered readers a novel taste of the private life of two well-known figures when it first appeared in the late seventeenth century: a satirical…

“’twill Fill Your Stomachs”: Illicit Sex, Rape, And Cannibalism In Early Modern Drama

Chloe Owen |

Cannibalism occurs in various forms throughout early modern drama. From the demonization of colonial subjects (for example, Caliban in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest ), to the…

Issue 3: Haunting, Horrible Hunger: Food for Fright

Kristin M. Distel |

Food studies have become an increasingly present and important lens through which to analyze both prose and poetry. In myriad works of literature, authors depict families, friends, and even…