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OPIE Student Life and Services

The Ohio Program of Intensive English prides itself on extra-curricular services offered to its students.

Learn about various ways to get involved and further explore American culture and language. Also hear from students in the Global Voices Video series.

Global Voices Videos

The video project Global Voices at Ohio University aims to increase Ohio University faculty, staff, and students’ awareness of the issues specific to international students on campus, their life in Athens, and their adjustment to the American system of education. The videos capture international students reflecting on their experiences at Ohio University, challenges they face, and the benefits of the immersion into the diverse campus community. They also give tips to the new international students, faculty, and staff on how to enhance their global experience at Ohio University.

Video 1: A Different Kind of Classroom (Classroom Etiquette in Various Countries)

International students introduce classroom etiquette norms from various cultures emphasizing the differences they find in the US, such as food, behavior, dress-code, and attendance.

Video 2: Tips for International Students

International students share their perspectives on how to get involved on campus, meet new people, appreciate a new culture, and succeed academically.

Video 3: Tips for Faculty

International students share their ideas with faculty on how to enhance their communication with and understanding of international students: be patient, provide lecture notes and assignments in writing, and spend more time getting to know students from different countries.

Video 4: Academic Differences

The students reflect on academic differences they notice in the US in comparison with their home countries:  family pressure, class policies, assignments, communication with faculty, the importance of email etiquette and preparation for classes in advance.

Video 5: Where to Get Help (Resources on Campus)

Ohio University has an abundance of resources for students. International students discuss the importance of utilizing the writing labs, library, academic advising, faculty’s office hours, supplementary instruction sessions, as well as collaborating with peers.

Video 6: Culture Shock

International students share some challenges they have experienced adjusting to a new education system, and life in the US in general. They identify primary causes and instances of the culture shock, such as language barrier, unfamiliarity with the education system, writing in English, American small talk rules, fast food, and a number of policies and rules that students need to follow.

Video 7: Making Friends (Relationships with American Students)

International students discuss ways to make friends with domestic students: ask for their help, be open-minded, initiate conversations, actively participate in class group projects, try to understand American humor, and stay empathetic to each other.

Video 8: About Our Countries

International students from Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Germany, and Indonesia share some basic information about their home countries.

Video 9: Home Away From Home

International students discuss some major perks of Athens, such as its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the striking change of seasons, the Ridges, and the charms of the Athens’ small community.

A special thanks to OPIE Advisor Tetyana Dvobnya (project coordinator) and the students who participated in the video project (First name/Last name):  Lu Chen, Xing Wang, Qiuyang Guo, Ahmed Abubakr, Uymeng Tang, Jessica Gonzalez-Herrera, Nabila Manan Abd Manan Razan Al Nesef, Henry Boachi, Teng Yang, Tianyi Zeng, Adam Razak, Precious Oluwasanya, Xiyang Li, Zhang Yin, Sharif Abdul Wahab, Awa Sall, Bowen Shi, Triwik Kurniasari.