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OPIE Faculty & Advisers

OPIE faculty are trained and experienced in the teaching of English as second language (ESL). All have M.A. degrees and most have lived outside the U.S.

Teaching assistants (with prior teaching experience) in the department of Linguistics are invited to participate in some programs. All are carefully supervised by senior OPIE faculty.

OPIE Advisers

OPIE Handbook 8/25/20204OPIE AdvisingIf you need advice or help with an academic problem (applying to the University, registering for classes,attendance,etc.), or a personal problem (housing, insurance, homesickness, culture shock, etc.) please talk to your instructor or visit Gordy 155 to make an appointment with an OPIE advisor (see below). Additionally, OPIE advisors meet individually with all new students at the beginning of semester to ensure their comfortable transition, and to answer the student’s questions regarding OPIE and Ohio University.If we are unable to help, we can put you in contact with someone who can help you.

Kyle Butler — Undergraduate Pathways students

Ella Datsenko — OPIE-only Majors and F2 students planning to be undergraduates

Kathryn Hille — Graduate students, OPIE majors, and F2 students planning to be graduate students

Cecily Long — Any OPIE student with questions about housing, insurance, or other student services

Program Coordinators

Academic Coordinator

Skill Area Coordinators

Lab Coordinators