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Spanish M.A. Courses & Resources

The Spanish Section attempts to offer a course or a seminar on all major areas during a two-year period. Every semester, there is at least one course offered in Hispanic Linguistics, Peninsular literature and culture, and Latin American literature and culture. Students can also opt for courses with the prefix ML.

Spanish M.A. Handbook 2022-2024 [PDF]

Spanish M.A. Handbook 2021-2023 [PDF]

Specific Spanish courses offered on a rotation basis

(Courses in parentheses are not currently in the rotation.)

  • 5551 Medieval Spanish Literature
  • 5530 The Literature of Golden Age Spain
  • 5558 Don Quijote
  • 5560 19th Century Spanish Literature
  • 5565 20th Century Spanish Literature
  • 5570 Contemporary Spanish Literature
  • 5460 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
  • 5437 Applied Phonetics
  • 5439 Modern Spanish Usage
  • 5640 Teaching Spanish: Theory and Methodology
  • (5441 Stylistics)
  • 5457 History of the Language
  • 5513, 5514 Spanish American Literature I, II
  • 5517 Themes in Spanish American Prose
  • 5518 Contemporary Spanish American Literature
  • (5384 Culture and Civilization of Spanish America)
  • (5349 Culture and Civilization of Spain)
  • 6902 Seminar (topic varies)

Other Languages

  • 5110-5320 French for Graduate Reading Requirement
  • 5110-5320 German for Graduate Reading Requirement
  • 5110-5320 Italian for Graduate Reading Requirement
  • 5110-5320 Russian for Graduate Reading Requirement
  • 5110-5190, 6110 Portuguese

Other courses focusing on teaching/methodology

  • Modern Languages (ML):
    • 5635 Teaching Foreign Languages in the Elementary School
    • 5645 Teaching Modern Languages

Course Load

All students who are appointed as teaching assistants in the Department of Modern Languages must take 3 graduate courses (minimum) per semester, in addition to 6920, which is required of first-year teaching assistants. Students are encouraged to take a third language (3-4 cr. each semester) during their second year (or first year with permission). Students who receive a teaching assistantship (TAship) are allowed to take a maximum of 18 credits each semester. 

Other highlights of the program include:

  • High school teachers can register to take graduate courses as non-degree students.
  • FLES (Foreign Languages in Elementary Schools): Students interested in exploring teaching as a career path are encouraged to volunteer with our FLES outreach programs.
  • Annual speakers and conferences held at the Athens campus – graduate students are encouraged and expected to attend these.
  • Enhanced language option: students may study a third language during one or two years of the program.
  • Thesis option: complete an extensive research project in literature or Hispanic linguistics.

Opportunities Abroad

Programa de Intercambio con la Universidad de Sevilla, España: This exchange program allows one student per year to study at Universidad de Sevilla in Spain during their second year of the M.A. program. Participants return to Ohio University after their year in Sevilla in order to complete the last year of the M.A. program and take the comprehensive exams.