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Michelle Mayhew

Michelle Mayhew, portrait
Graduate Student
Bentley Annex

Recent News

Current Degree Program

  • Ph.D. program

Concentration Fields

  • U.S. Foreign Relations
  • Modern Latin America

Dissertation Title

“Who’s in Charge Here?: Voluntary Organizations, the U.S. Government, and the Food for Peace Program in Latin America”

Dissertation Abstract

My dissertation explores efforts to promote development through programs under the umbrella of “Food for Peace.” Specifically, it addresses the intersection between public and private in the carrying out of humanitarian projects such as school feeding programs, projects designed to improve the health and nutrition of expectant mothers and newborn babies, and public works projects. It examines the interactions between the U.S. government, international organizations, U.S. voluntary agencies, and recipient governments, as well as how these relationships impacted the type, scope, and success of projects.

Scholarships, Grants and Awards

  • Baker Peace Dissertation Fellowship, Baker Peace Studies Committee, 2018-19
  • Research Travel Grant, History Department, Ohio University, 2018
  • Research Travel Grant, Contemporary History Institute, Ohio University, 2018
  • Conference Presentation Grant, History Department, Ohio University, 2015

Teaching Experience

  • Instructor, HIST 1330: Introduction to World History since 1750
  • Teaching Assistant, HIST 1330: Introduction to World History since 1750
  • Grader, HIST 3231: Latina American History: From Independence to the Present
  • Grader, HIST 3230: Colonial Latin America
  • Grader, HIST 3224: The 1980s in the U.S.: The Age of Reagan and Madonna
  • Grader, HIST 3220: The 1960s in the U.S.: Decade of Controversy
  • Grader, HIST 3164: U.S. Involvement in World Affaits since 1945
  • Grader, HIST 3104: United States, 1945-Present
  • Grader, HIST 3320: Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Middle East History

Previous Graduate Work

M.A. in History, West Virginian University

Undergraduate Degree

B.A. in History and International Studies, West Virginia Wesleyan College