Ohio University

Syllabus for MATH D005

TEXT: Intermediate Algebra, Miller, O’Neill, Hyde, Fifth Edition

Course Description: Developmental course in algebra for students in need of preparation for math placement level PL1. Operations and equations with rational expressions, equations of a line, introduction to functions, introduction to systems of linear equations in two and three variables, absolute-value equations and inequalities, rational exponents, operations and equations with radicals, introduction to complex numbers, quadratic equations and various application problems on these topics. Students cannot earn credit for both MATH D005 and D004.

Mandatory Topics

R: Review of Basic Algebraic Concepts

R.2: Sets of Numbers and Interval Notation

R.3: Operations on Real Numbers

R.4: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

(3 days)


1: Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable

1.1: Linear Equations in One Variable

1.2: Applications of Linear Equations in One Variable

1.3: Applications to Geometry and Literal Equations

1.4: Linear Inequalities in One Variable

1.5: Compound Inequalities

1.6: Absolute Value Equations

1.7: Absolute Value Inequalities

(5 days)


2: Linear Equations in Two Variables and Functions

2.1: Linear Equations in Two Variables

2.2: Slope of a Line and Rate of Change

2.3: Equations of a Line

2.4: Applications of Linear Equations and Modeling

2.5: Introduction to Relations

2.6: Introduction to Functions

2.7: Graphs of Functions

(6 days)


3: Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

3.1: Solving Systems of Linear Equations by the Graphing Method

3.2: Solving Systems of Linear Equations by the Substitution Method

3.3: Solving Systems of Linear Equations by the Addition Method

3.4: Applications of Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables

3.5: Linear Inequalities and Compound Inequalities in Two Variables

(3 days)


4: Polynomials

4.1: Properties of Integer Exponents

4.2: Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

4.3: Multiplication of Polynomials

4.4: Division of Polynomials

4.5: Greatest Common Factor and Factoring by Grouping

4.6: Factoring Trinomials

4.7: Factoring Binomials

4.8: Solving Equations by Using the Zero Product Rule

(7 days)


5: Rational Expressions and Rational Equations

5.1: Rational Expressions and Rational Functions

5.2: Multiplication and Division of Rational Expressions

5.3: Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions

5.4: Complex Fractions

5.5: Solving Rational Equations

5.6: Applications of Rational Equations and Proportions

(5 days)


6: Radicals and Complex Numbers

6.1: Definition of nth Root

6.2: Rational Exponents

6.3: Simplifying Radical Expressions

6.4: Addition and Subtraction of Radicals

6.5: Multiplication of Radicals

6.6: Division of Radicals and Rationalization

6.7: Solving Radical Equations

6.8: Complex Numbers

(6 days)


7: Quadratic Equations

7.1: Square Root Property

7.2: Quadratic Formula

7.3: Equations in Quadratic Form

(3 days)

Note: MATH D004 is nearly identical to D005 except that it spends more time reviewing preliminary material, including prealgebra concepts.