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MATH 3400 Differential Equations Homework

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  1. Separation of Variables (PDF) (LaTex)
  2. Direction Fields (PDF) (LaTex)
  3. Linear First-order Equations (PDF) (LaTex)
  4. Linear Second-order Equations (PDF) (LaTex)
  5. A Spring-Mass System (PDF) (LaTex)
  6. Linear versus Nonlinear (PDF) (LaTex)
  7. Convergence of Euler Methods (PDF) (LaTex) (download myeuler.m) (download mymodeuler.m)
  8. Plotting Solutions to First Order Initial Value Problems (PDF) (LaTex)
  9. Homogeneous ODEs with Constant Coefficients (PDF) (LaTex)
  10. Special Functions (PDF) (LaTex)
  11. Euler's Method (Download Euler.m) (PDF) (LaTex)