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Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

Students interested in undergraduate research in the Mathematics Department can review faculty research areas.

Undergraduate Research Highlights

Fiscal Year 2013

  • The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (COMAP 2013) team received an Honorable Mention (ranking in the top 30 percent among U.S. teams, with only 13.5 percent ranked higher. The team (Elliot Kaplan and Nathan Breitsch) submitted a 10-page report titled "Sustainable water distribution in Saudi Arabia: a network optimization approach."
  • The paper Two classes of ODE models with switch-like behavior by Just, Korb, Elbert, and Young was accepted for publication by the prestigious journal Physica D (top 10 percent impact factor in the category "mathematics, applied"). Just and Young are faculty members, Korb was an undergraduate, and Elbert a graduate student.
  • Elliot Kaplan - Fall 2012 (supervised by Melkonian) HTC tutorial on fundamentals of linear programming; Modeling techniques in linear and integer programming; Simplex method for solving linear programs; Branch and bound, Cutting planes for solving integer programs; Dynamic programming; AMPL - modeling language for solving linear and integer programs; Building an integer program for a specific problem (solving Kenken puzzles), implementing in AMPL and testing on data sets.
  • Evan North - F/S 2012 (supervised by Aizicovici/Just) HTC tutorial on Introductory Analysis.
  • Elliot Kaplan - Spring 2013 (supervised by Uspenskiy) HTC tutorial on introductory topology
  • Nathan Breitsch - F/S (supervised by Young) HTC tutorial and independent research on dynamical systems related to Young's grant.
  • Bryce Wilson - Fall 2012 (supervised by Eisworth) HTC tutorial on Knot Theory.
  • Michael Schnurr - F/S (supervised by Eisworth) HTC tutorial on Algebraic Topology culminating in an undergraduate thesis.