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College of Arts & Sciences

Faculty in Mathematics


E. Todd Eisworth

E. Todd Eisworth

Associate Professor & Chair 321C/315E Morton
Sergiu Aizicovici

Sergiu Aizicovici

Professor 537 Morton Hall
Lanre Akinyemi

Lanre Akinyemi

Visiting Assistant Professor
Alexander Arhangel'skii

Alexander Arhangel'skii

Distinguished Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Frank Ballone

Frank Ballone

Visiting Assistant Professor 146 Morton Hall
Mark Barsamian

Mark Barsamian

Associate Lecturer & Coordinator of Math 1350 Survey of Calculus Morton Hall Room 538
Rida Benhaddou

Rida Benhaddou

Assistant Professor 563 Morton Hall
Marcel Bischoff in an outdoor setting

Marcel Bischoff

Assistant Professor Morton 521
Erik Boczko

Erik Boczko

Lecturer & Coordinator of MATH 1300 548 Morton Hall
Kelly Bubp

Kelly Bubp

Lecturer 554 Morton Hall
Steven Chapin

Steven Chapin

Assistant Professor 541 Morton Hall
Jeffrey Connor

Jeffrey Connor

Professor Emeritus 517 Morton Hall
Alexei Davydov

Alexei Davydov

Associate Professor 519 Morton Hall
Klaus Eldridge

Klaus Eldridge

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Yaqin Feng

Yaqin Feng

Assistant Professor 556 Morton Hall
Adam H. Fuller

Adam Fuller

Assistant Professor Morton Hall 561

Ellery Golos

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Archil Gulisashvili

Archil Gulisashvili

Professor 555 Morton Hall
Allyson H. Hallman-Thrasher

Allyson Hallman-Thrasher

Associate Professor McCracken 309S/Morton 550
Monica Hilverding

Monica Hilverding

Associate Lecturer 528 Morton Hall
Surender K. Jain

Surender K. Jain

Distinguished Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Winfried Just

Winfried Just

Professor 315C Morton Hall
William E. Kaufman

William E. Kaufman

Assistant Professor (Retired)
Robert M. Klein

Robert M. Klein

Associate Professor and Interim Dean of Ohio University Eastern 315D Morton Hall
Wei Lin

Wei Lin

Associate Professor 527 Morton Hall
Sergio Lopez-Permouth

Sergio Lopez-Permouth

Professor 315A Morton Hall

Paul Scott Malcom

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)

Cyrus Mehr

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Vardges Melkonian

Vardges Melkonian

Associate Professor 543 Morton Hall
Martin J. Mohlenkamp

Martin J. Mohlenkamp

Associate Professor & Vice Chair 315B Morton Hall
Nicolai Pavel

Nicolai Pavel

Professor Emeritus
Blake Regan

Blake Regan

Lecturer Stocker 143

M.S.K. Sastry

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Tatiana Savin

Tatiana Savin

Professor & Graduate Chair 525 Morton Hall
Steve Shadik

Steve Shadik

Visiting Assistant Professor Stocker Engineering Center 141

Xiaoping A. Shen

Professor 571 Morton Hall

James Shirey

Associate Professor (Retired)
Premjit Singh

Premjit Singh

Associate Professor & Coordinator of Math 1200 540 Morton Hall

Larry Snyder

Professor Emeritus (Retired)

Mary Anne Swardson

Associate Professor Emerita
Mai Tran

Mai Tran

Part Time Instructor
Vladimir Uspenskiy

Vladimir Uspenskiy

Professor 559 Morton Hall
Dinh Van Huynh

Dinh Van Huynh

Professor 573 Morton Hall

Vladimir Vinogradov

Professor 579 Morton Hall
Shih-liang Wen

Shih-Liang Wen

Professor Emeritus (Retired)

Tom Wolf

Professor Emeritus (Retired) Morton 517
Qiliang Wu, portrait in office

Qiliang Wu

Assistant Professor Morton 552
Todd Young in front of a chalkboard

Todd Young

Professor & Undergraduate Chair 547 Morton Hall

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