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Amy Lynch

Amy Lynch, portrait
Assistant Professor
Clippinger 106

Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday, noon to 2 p.m, or by appointment

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Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2013


  • Land use and environmental planning
  • Green infrastructure and green space connectivity
  • Decentralized stormwater management
  • Sustainable community strategies and indicators

I am an urban planner with a conservation and environmental management background. My research interests span the two fields. Broadly, I study the impacts of land use and environmental planning practices on natural resources and ecosystem services. My research can be generally divided into two areas: green infrastructure and sustainable community monitoring and indicators. My green infrastructure research explores how local governments promote large and small scale green infrastructure and the effectiveness of those actions over time. I am particularly interested in how cities support residents and wildlife through connective features like greenways. I am also interested in environmental and sustainability monitoring and measurement. I see a future for smart city technologies in green infrastructure planning. I just completed a digital monitoring project for small stormwater installations and a project to develop a database of indicators for measuring built-environment progress toward meeting sustainability goals.

Courses Taught

  • GEOG 2400: Environmental Geography
  • GEOG 2500: Planning and the City
  • GEOG 3500/5500: Land Use Planning
  • GEOG 4520/5520: Environmental and Sustainability Planning
  • GEOG 4900: Planning Design Studio

Representative Publications

Lynch, Amy J. and Simon Mosbah (2017). Improving Local Measures of Sustainability: A Study of Built-Environment Indicators in the United States. Cities. 60. 301-313.

Lynch, Amy J. (2016). Is it Good to be Green?: Assessing the Ecological Outcomes of County Green Infrastructure Planning. Journal of Planning Education and Research. 36(1). 90-104.

Birch, Eugenie L. and Amy Lynch (2012). Measuring US Sustainable Urban Development. In Linda Starke (Ed.), State of the World 2012: Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity. Washington, DC: Island Press

Lynch, Amy J., Stuart Andreason, Theodore Eisenman, John Robinson, Kenneth Steif and Eugenie L. Birch (2011). “Sustainable Development Indicators for the United States,” Penn IUR White Paper Series on Sustainable Urban Development, September.