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ENG D160: Fundamental English Usage Skills


Students in ENG D160 Fundamental English Usage Skills course
Students in ENG D160 Fundamental English Usage Skills course

ENG D160 is intended to assist non-native English speaking undergraduate students in their development of becoming more skilled writers in their undergraduate coursework.

Students practice their ability to organize, develop, and write up their ideas; use sources in their writing without plagiarizing; revise and proofread their own writing; and become more aware of their strengths and opportunities for development in writing. Helping students use correct grammar and vocabulary is also very important in this course.

ENG D160 is designed to prepare international undergraduates for ENG 1610. (This course is also open to students who test into 1610.)

Course writing assignments and topics: Paragraph and essays: reading, writing, genre studies, critiquing, and revision strategies; research, plagiarism, and citation practice (using MLA style); contextualized grammar with individual feedback; development, coherence, rhetorical styles and modes, in-class essay tests, and journal writing.

A grade of "C" or higher must be earned to move on to ENG 1610.