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AGC 1300: Business Relations and Communication Skills

Art Oestrike discusses real-world business project in ENG 1300 Business Relations and Communication Skills course.
Art Oestrike discusses real-world business project in AGC 1300 Business Relations and Communication Skills course.


This two-credit class supports students as they develop their professional communication skills. Students practice speaking and interacting in intercultural teams and become more comfortable with working in groups.

Class topics include:

  • Problem-solving for real-world projects
  • Working in intercultural teams
  • Talking with business leaders
  • Giving presentations & developing professional communication skills

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What Are Students Saying about this Class?

Ariann Lane, majoring in Finance and Accounting, appreciates that small business owner and instructor Art Oestrike gives them real-world practice during class time, "When I graduate, I'll take away how working with international students is different from working with American students. Working with international students really helped me realize that they see things way differently than Americans do, and that's where more ideas come from for a project. In fact, the idea for our project was from an international student, not an American student. Sometimes as Americans, we think we know and understand things that we don't. This will help me see that there are more ideas and we need to be able to work with everyone and see their perspectives, not just Americans."

Kai Li, an Economics student, says, "I recommend this class for international students because they can learn how to better communication with American students and improve their communication. This class really helps us learn how to do group work. Teamwork is better for helping with projects because you get more ideas. Before this class, I had many classes where we didn't get to practice teamwork. But in this class, my teammates have good ideas, and the instructor teaches us how to do team work with Americans."