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Speak Grading Chart & Rubric

Adapted from: F. Douglas, Speak Rating Guide. Iowa State University, Ames: IA.

Score & Communication Effectiveness and Comprehensibility

3.0 Score: Communication is always effective, free, and may go even beyond the task. No effort needed to understand.

  • Strong response with effective use of all competencies (strategic, functional, sociolinguistic, discourse, and linguistic). Uses sophisticated expressions.
  • Fluency: smooth and effortless flow making understanding easy; native-like delivery
  • Pronunciation: always intelligible with only very minor problems

2.5 Score: Communication generally effective and fairly free. Listener must make little effort to understand.

  • Strong response although linguistically a few unusual expressions or minor problems; usually good range in vocabulary & grammar. Good use of competencies; generally appropriate and coherent
  • Fluency: smooth delivery generally, but some unnatural pauses or awkward flow.
  • Pronunciation: easily intelligible, but may have some inconsistent or minor problems

2.0 Score: Communication somewhat effective; speaker needs to make effort. Listener must make some effort to understand

  • Adequate responses, but may show problems with other competencies, e.g. be overly simple, disconnected, or use distracting repair strategies.
  • Linguistically fairly limited, with less range of vocabulary & grammar, and errors present.
  • Fluency: Pauses & choppy flow; delivery overly slow or fast, but doesn’t strongly interfere.
  • Pronunciation: generally intelligible, but some errors of a fairly strong accent hinders understanding.

1.5 Score: Although communication is generally ineffective, some takes place. Considerable effort needed by listener, and exerted by speaker

  • Weak, unclear responses that may not fully address the task
  • Limited linguistic competency masks the other competencies; disjointed, simple answers with a lot of errors possible; limited vocabulary & grammar.
  • Fluency: pauses, hesitant flow or speed interfere with communication
  • Pronunciation: frequent errors or heavy accent often makes communication unintelligible

1.0 Ineffective communication, even when speaker makes great effort Listener must make a huge effort and then can get some understanding.

  • Fragmented, incomplete, rambling or not relevant responses
  • Little linguistic competency, with vocabulary lacking and frequent grammar errors
  • Fluency: many pauses and halting delivery severely interfere with communication
  • Pronunciation errors and a heavy accent make much of the response unintelligible

0.5 Score: Very ineffective communication, with speakers mostly silent or just repeating the prompt. Listener can understand only a few words, even with supreme effort.

  • Responses seem not to fulfill the task; lack of linguistic control
  • Fluency: Very halting and fragmented delivery
  • Pronunciation: almost entirely unintelligible

0 Score: No answer given.


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