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ELIP 5320: Oral Communication for the Researcher and Presenter

ELIP 5320

The English Language Improvement Program provides this graduate course, which focus on improving the skills necessary to be a successful graduate student. This class is available during Spring Semester.

This three-hour course is for domestic and international students who will defend their proposals, theses, or dissertations. The primary focus of the course is preparation for the oral defense. Students practice giving presentations, asking and answering questions, discussing, and interacting with professors and peers. Speaking skills and pronunciation are also covered.

The class topics include strategies for:

  • Defending your thesis or dissertation
  • Presenting at conferences
  • Performing well in interviews
  • Organizing ideas
  • Answering questions efficiently
  • Using nonverbal language effectively

One-on One Pronunciation Tutoring

The ELIP Pronunciation Lab offers one-on-one pronunciation tutoring sessions to students taking graduate oral communication courses. Find more information about this useful and individualized service here.

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