Ohio University

SPEAK Test General Information

This page outlines the procedure for registering a student to take the SPEAK test at Ohio University.

SPEAK Test Procedure

  1. Departments are notified of SPEAK test times and locations every semester.
  2. Departments notify students about the SPEAK test time and location. Only students who have been offered a teaching position or who have a strong possibility to be offered a teaching position are eligible to take the test.
  3. Departments notify the Linguistics Department by contacting Amanda Fisher (740-593-4530 or fishera@ohio.edu) with names of students who will be taking the SPEAK test. Students cannot register themselves for the test, and students cannot take the test without being registered.
  4. Students record the test on a computer in a lab, usually in a group (takes approximately 30 minutes). Students should bring their OHIO ID to the test.
  5. Departments are notified of the results and students who need to take a course in order to teach (ELIP 5220) are notified of class times.
  6. Students' scores are reported to the Graduate College and entered into PeopleSoft on the Academic Test Summary screen under Student Admissions/External Score Processing.
  7. After students have taken the test, they are not eligible to re-take it within six months until they have participated actively in pre-approved pronunciation and speaking training (e.g., a course or with a tutor) for at least 20 hours.

Accessing SPEAK Test Scores

Departments can access SPEAK test scores in PeopleSoft by going to the Academic Test Summary screen in PeopleSoft. It is under Student Admissions/ External Score Processing.

If you cannot find a student's score, please contact the English Language Improvement Program Administrative Services Associate Amanda Fisher or call 740-593-4530 for assistance.


  • Questions about SPEAK test times, location or procedure should be addressed to Dr. Dawn Bikowski at bikowski@ohio.edu or 740-593-0201.
  • Questions about compliance with these standards should be addressed to Dr. Katherine Tadlock at tadlockk@ohio.edu or 740-597-2860.